COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4)– A teenager attacked in her home by a robber with a gun said she was home from school, sick, when she confronted the robber. Then he struck her in the head with a gun.

It happened Monday in Colorado Springs. Maya Kochman said she really can’t believe it happened to her.

The 15-year-old needed 11 staples and stitches after the attack in her own home. She was home in bed when she heard a yelp from her dog downstairs.

When she went to check on the dog, she came face to face with a robber.

“I had turned around and he had pointed a gun to my face,” said Maya. “I started saying, ‘Please, stop’ and he said, ‘Quit crying, quit trying to run’ and I opened up the door and flung it open and he pulled me back by my hair and ripped me down.”

The robber tried to make Maya turn off the alarm system but she didn’t know how.

“He started panicking,” said Maya.

The security alarm was going off and the company notified Maya’s mother who rushed home.

“I came home and she was just covered in blood and they had I guess, just beat her, he had beat her over the head repeatedly with a gun,” said Maya’s mother Linda Kochman.

The robber took off but got away with the family’s flat screen TV and Playstation.

Maya said all things considered, she’s lucky.

“I’ve thought about it multiple times and I’m so grateful that all he did was just hit me,” said Maya.

Police in Colorado Springs continue to search the robber.


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