DENVER (CBS4) – Foreclosures are declining and big banks are working harder to keep families in their houses, but 4 On Your Side Money Saver Suzanne McCarroll heard from a couple that has been battling Bank of America since 2009. With their home scheduled for foreclosure, McCarroll stepped in to try and help.

Charlene and Robert have been behind in their payments. They’ve been good customers, and yet they were told by Bank of America their home will go into foreclosure on Jan. 16 after trying to get their loan modified for well over three years.

Charlene said the couple has made their payments they have done with the bank has told them to do.

“Now they want to foreclose,” she said.

Charlene has taken copious notes. She has phone recordings of her conversations with Bank of America’s Home Mortgage Division.

“We’re on our 23rd negotiator,” she said. “We’ve applied 33 times.”

“(It’s) totally crazy, it makes no sense at all,” Robert said. “You do what they say to do; you expect them to do what they say they’re going to do. They ask you to do what you’re supposed to do. You do it and then it’s different.”

Julie Maeda of the Haven Team is a local volunteer who helps homeowners navigate the complex world of mortgage modifications.

“This is unforgivable what this family has been through,” Maeda said. “I think I’ll raise a little Hell.”

For now Charlene and Robert are savoring their time in their home.

McCarroll called and emailed Bank of America and after a while she received an email saying the foreclosure has been canceled and the couple will be offered a loan modification. If they accept it, they will be able to keep their home.


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