FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4)– Police in Fort Collins are warning veterinarian clinics to be on the lookout after a series of burglaries.

Since September 2012 there have been eight break-ins at veterinary clinics around the city.

Each time the suspect goes for the cash, not the drugs.

The most recent crime was this week at South Mesa Vet Hospital.

Surveillance video shows the suspect enter through the door, pull his hood over his face and make his way to the cash drawer.

Local veterinarian offices are taking precautions.

“Whoever is doing this is targeting veterinary hospitals and so you kind of feel like you need to band together and hopefully figure out a solution and work together to try to find these people,” said Mesa Vet Hospital Veterinarian Dr. Jana Dean.

The vet clinics that have been targeted believe the suspect has cased the property before striking.


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