DENVER (CBS4) – Parents noticed some changes when they dropped their children off at school on Monday as Colorado school districts are doing more to assure parents their children will be safe.

Hours after the shooting in Connecticut on Friday Colorado school districts added information on their websites about security procedures.

“I have a lot of concerns, because if he can get in the doors, and they’re supposed to be on lockdown, then I’m afraid there’s a whole lot more schools need to do,” parent Jasmine James said.

The Connecticut shooter reportedly used a semi-automatic rifle to blast a hole in a door big enough for him to walk right in.

“They probably do need to have police officers on campus grounds at all times; elementary, middle schools, everything,” James said.

“I know that we’re tempted to say, ‘Well let’s just put armed guards at all the doors.’ We’re tempted to do that, but I don’t think that’s going to be the solution. For this we have to address mental illness,” grandparent Sharon Michalec said.

Denver Public Schools told parents they have security teams on patrol and will be working to emphasize vigilance. The Adams County School District outlined how every building has a single point of entry. Cherry Creek outlined new procedures in a robo-call.

“We will be asking you to be prepared to present a photo ID when you enter any of our schools during the school day,” the Cherry Creek message said.

Jose Valdez told his daughter to be on the lookout for odd behavior.

“Yeah, we do lock downs,” Lluvia Valdez said.

A mental health specialist told CBS4 that it’s not necessary to volunteer information about the shooting unless a child asks. If they do, tell children about all of the security measures schools have in place to keep everyone safe. Also tell them schools add security whenever something like the Connecticut shootings happens.


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