DENVER (CBS4) – A man with the nickname “Jell-O” has pleaded guilty to pimping, pandering and sexual assault to avoid going to trial.

Lynn Kimbrough with the district attorney’s office said Germaine “Jell-O” Wallace, 40, also pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance. He was immediately sentenced to 15 years in the Colorado Department of Corrections.

“Wallace traveled across the country and operated prostitution rings for more than a decade, leaving behind a trail of victims and a lengthy criminal history,” Kimbrough said in a statement.

Wallace was arrested in Douglas County in 2010.

“He was later charged in Denver for coercing a 20-year-old woman into prostitution and sexually assaulting her,” Kimbrough said.

Wallace allegedly used a mansion in Douglas County as the base for a sophisticated ring, which had ties to strip clubs in the city. Police say he used proceeds from the prostitution to buy expensive cars and exotic pets. He allegedly lived in the mansion with four women who worked for him. According to police, they often raced mini bikes on the 35 acre property. The four women allegedly secured jobs as strippers at the clubs and enticed clients to pay as much as $500 in exchange for sex acts.

Kimbrough said the victim was present in the courtroom during the sentencing hearing. She now lives out of state.


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