DENVER (CBS4)– Police in Denver continue to investigate why Omar Dwaik kept police at bay for several hours outside a hotel off Speer and Zuni near Interstate 25 in Denver Tuesday night.

Police said they believe Dwaik, 31, broke into a home located at 300 W. Grand Avenue, Unit E in Englewood at about 6 p.m. Tuesday. Dwaik then allegedly held the homeowner hostage for nearly 90 minutes.

Dwaik had a gun and fired the weapon inside that home and locked the man inside an interior room.

That’s when detectives believe Dwaik took a cab to the hotel at 2747 Wyandot St. in Denver. He apparently broke into a hotel room through a window, injuring himself.

For several hours police tried to get Dwaik to surrender as he waved a gun in the air.

“We did evacuate some of the rooms inside the hotel. We have an area cordoned off here for safety reasons obviously, so we’re just taking our time right now, trying to establish and keep those communication lines open with this individual,” said Denver Police Detective John White.

Police moved in with a SWAT team and fired tear gas. Dwaik barricaded himself in the bathroom.

The hotel owner said police ordered the water shut off so Dwaik couldn’t prevent the effects of the tear gas.

He said Dwaik fired his weapon inside the hotel room’s bathroom and caused a lot of damage.

zuni Police: Barricaded Hotel Suspects Motive Still Unknown

(credit: CBS)


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