LaSALLE, Colo. (CBS4) – Nearly two months after word of an arrest in her husband’s death, a Colorado woman says she’s received very little information about the case since.

A Mexican drug cartel leader is accused in the killing of David Hartley in 2010. It happened as he and his wife jet skied on Falcon Lake on the Texas-Mexico border.

Tiffany Hartley has waited since 2010 for Mexico to return her husband’s body to the U.S. After that arrest last month she thought her family may finally have some closure, but she said that optimism is turning to frustration.

“It’s very draining on the family. You get yourself encouraged a little bit, then you’re back down to being discouraged,” Tiffany said.

David’s body has never been found.

At the time of the drug cartel’s arrest, Tiffany held a press conference from her LaSalle home. Since then she has heard virtually nothing from either side regarding the arrest.

“I’ve never lost hope, but at the same time we’re all becoming a little more realistic that maybe we’re never going to see the full end,” she said.

david hartley Hartley Frustrated In Wait For News Since Murder Arrest

David Hartley (credit: CBS)

Tiffany says that U.S. and Mexico authorities are communicating about the case, but she’s gone nearly two months without any updates.

“I’ve made calls to the State Department, to the Department of Justice and the FBI. They just don’t have the information to tell us.”

Tiffany believes the suspect knows something about David’s death.

“He knows something, and if he does I don’t know why it’s keeping all this information from coming forth.”

Despite the lack of information, Tiffany says her faith has pulled her through. No matter how long it takes, her number one priority is to eventually bring David’s body back to Colorado.

“I still believe God is bigger than the cartel.”

Despite the setbacks, Tiffany is back to work and trying to move on with her life. She said she realizes that’s what her husband would have wanted.


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