WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. (CBS4) – CBS4 has learned new developments in the case of a woman who police say was murdered by her husband.

Loretta Rosa reached out for help not once, but twice. And in both cases help never came.

Rosa ran to a neighbor’s house to escape her husband hours before police found her body. There was also another cry for help even earlier in the night. It came at a bar in Wheat Ridge where a witness says Rosa’s husband, Christopher Perea, attacked her. She asked a bouncer to call police.

Later that night Rosa’s neighbor did call police but officers never made contact with the couple.

Denver police have placed the dispatcher who handled one of the calls on paid administrative leave.

On Tuesday Rosa’s nieces and cousins held a lemonade stand to say goodbye to Rosa. They raised $18.07.

“This money is going to go to any type of funds towards funeral services,” Rosa’s brother Daniel Rosa Jr. said.

A woman who wanted to remain anonymous was at the Wheat Ridge bar the night of the murder. She says things turned bad when she and a friend saw Rosa grab her face and run to the bathroom.

“I looked and go, ‘Are you alright?’ She goes, ‘No, he bit me in my face.’ And I go, ‘Who bit you?’ She goes, ‘My husband.’ I’m like,’ Oh my God,’ ” the woman said.

She says Perea was drunk and aggressive.

christopher perea Murdered Woman Sought Help Twice The Night Of Her Death

Christopher Perea (credit: Denver Police)

“She goes, ‘He told me he was going to kill me.’ And I was like, ‘Hell no, this is going to stop now,’ ” the woman said.

So she went to a bouncer and told him about the assault but he refused to call police.

“If the bouncer would have called police she’d be here today. And I feel bad because we wanted to call the cops and we didn’t see them there no more,” the woman said.

loretta rosa follow vomap Murdered Woman Sought Help Twice The Night Of Her Death

(credit: CBS)

The family still hasn’t seen Rosa’s body. They’re in the dark as they prepare to say goodbye.

“We’re going to have all funeral services and everything and probably not know the cause of death,” Daniel Rosa Jr. said. said.

A bartender told CBS4 off camera that there is surveillance video of the two at the bar. The owner did not want to share that or comment on the story.

A fund has been set up to help with funeral costs at Wells Fargo under the Loretta Rosa Fund.


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