DENVER (CBS4)– A major computer failure at United Airlines left hundreds of passengers stranded or delayed at Denver International Airport and at airports around the country.

United Airlines said the glitch impacted the operations center which meant that ground crews were unable to communicate with flight crews getting ready to take off which caused delays.

Nearly 200 United Airlines flights were delayed anywhere from 20 minutes to three hours on Thursday, resulting in backups at DIA.

“Headed to Cleveland and it’s delayed an hour and 50 minutes now,” said one delayed United Airlines passenger at DIA.

In March, a computer issue with United Airlines delayed nearly 25 percent of United Airlines flights nationwide. In August, 200 flights were delayed or cancelled because of a computer problem.

United will compensate passengers who have been delayed depending on the severity of the problem as long as it is caused by the airline.

Those delayed two hours or more, or booked on a flight that was cancelled, can ask for a full refund.

Those delayed two hours or less can rebook for another United flight and the change fee will be waived.

Passengers are hoping that whatever is causing the glitches with United will be resolved before the holiday rush.

United said they are working on the computer system to prevent any future computer glitches from happening.


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