GREELEY, Colo. (CBS4)– A Greeley man has been convicted in connection with a menacing and aggravated robbery for pulling a knife on a Sears security guard.

Paul Anthony Rios was convicted by a jury on Wednesday for the Jan. 21 crime.

According to police records, a loss-prevention officer spotted Rios, 39, and a woman concealing jeans inside a bag and then leaving the Sears store located at the Greeley Mall.

When the loss prevention officer confronted the pair, Rios pulled out a five-inch knife and threatened to stab the man before running away.

Rios was arrested March 2. His alleged accomplice in the theft, Dolores Hernandez, has been charged with one count of theft $500-$1,000.

Now Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck is seeking to designate Rios, who has an extensive criminal history, as a habitual criminal.

If the court finds Rios guilty of the habitual criminal counts, the court would be required to sentence him to four times the maximum in the presumptive range for each of his underlying convictions.

A hearing on the habitual criminal counts is scheduled for Dec. 18.


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