LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4)– Police in two towns are searching for home invasion suspects.

The first home invasion happened Aug. 22 in Littleton and the other happened Sunday in neighboring Bow Mar.

In the Bow Mar case, police said a man dressed as a utility worker knocked on the homeowner’s door and said he needed to check the outside meter because of a gas leak.

When the suspect came back, two more men wearing masks and carrying guns forced their way inside the home.

home invasion map Home Invasion Suspects Posed As Utility Workers

(credit: CBS)

911 Dispatch: “Three men just came into the residence within the last 10 minutes and are no longer there. They were wearing masks.”

The 911 dispatch operator was on the phone with the elderly couple as they described the home invasion.

The couple’s neighbor, Rick Pilgrim, is also the mayor of Bow Mar. He said he was coming home from church and saw the police cars. he decided to check out what was going on.

“On a Sunday morning in broad daylight,” said Pilgrim. “A man came to the door, dressed in a construction vest or outfit, it looked official. He said there was a gas leak in the neighborhood.”

That man went around the back of the home and returned, asking to check on the home’s hot water heater.

“When they opened the door to allow that, two other guys followed in. They were armed and tied up the homeowners,” said Pilgrim. “The husband was able to wriggle free, crawl over to the phone and called police.”

Police are investigating another similar home invasion in Littleton. Both involved three armed men and both occurred during the morning hours.

As police work to determine whether the two cases are linked, neighbors are watching out for each other.

“If something odd or unusual is happening, call the police,” said Pilgrim.

Police encourage everyone to confirm the identity of workers before allowing them into your home by calling the company they claim to represent.

They also say it doesn’t feel right, call police.


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