DENVER (CBS4) – Lots of people have been waiting, and it’s finally here. Apple revealed its iPhone 5 on Wednesday.

The new version is longer, lighter and thinner than previous generations, and will be available in stores in 10 days. It means older version smartphones will be cheaper.

4 On Your Side Money Saver Suzanne McCarroll went to the Apple Store at Cherry Creek Mall to see what people were saying about the new iPhone 5.

Apple is a master at creating excitement for their new products, and the 4S model that came out just a year ago will now appear fat and clunky. But for those who aren’t rushing out to buy the newest iPhone, it may be a good time to buy some of the older versions for a lot less money.

At Wednesday’s Apple announcement the iPhone 5 seemed to magically rise from the stage. The phone is sleeker with a bigger screen to make dialing or watching movies even easier. There are six rows of icons and data will be two times faster.

“I’m going to wait until all the bugs are worked out,” one shopper said. “That’s kind of what I do with any product that I get.”

“The 3G we have right now is $149, and we’re also running the $50 special, so that actually makes it $99,” Joe Vasquez with Mac Outlet said. “There are great deals to be had. We have the $50 off on all of our available models and we might even make it $75.”

The phones are compatible with a variety of carriers and don’t require a contract. But for those willing to sign a new contract, some of the big cellphone companies are offering really inexpensive models.

AT&T has iPhone 3Gs for a penny and Verizon advertises $100 off some of its smartphones.

The new iPhone 5 starts at $199 and it can be ordered this Friday. They will ship next Friday. It does require a new connection that won’t fit with an existing one.

Apple outlet stores and sites like Gazelle are ready to buy old iPhones.



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