DENVER (CBS4) – A cab driver accused of sexually assaulting his passenger told CBS4 he’s innocent and plans to be back at work as soon as next week.

Samuel Fikadu, 39, is now home after posting bond. He was arrested on Friday.

Fikadu told CBS4 he wants to get back behind the wheel driving cabs by next week, but Freedom Cab says they need the legal case to be resolved before they can allow that.

Fikadu, a husband and father of two, was arrested after a female customer says he sexually assaulted her after she was dropped off at her Edgewater home.

“You’re supposed to be able to take a taxi home and feel safe, that’s what it’s there for,” the reported victim said.

With his wife by his side, Fikadu said Wednesday the truth will come out.

His accuser said she had been out celebrating her birthday with friends. She first told police the cab driver asked her if she had any “weed.” She said “yes” and then he followed inside where he smoked her marijuana.

“And then he came on to me and I just said, ‘No, please,’ ” the victim said.

In her second interview she told a detective she left the cab, unlocked her door, and then realized he was behind her.

Fikadu wouldn’t say what happened that night but says he has never smoked marijuana. He and his wife moved to Colorado seven years ago from Eritrea, a country in Africa.

“I love my wife, I love my kiddies,” Fikadu said. “I work hard for them, we love each other.”

Fikadu has been driving with Freedom Cab for three years and plans to get back to work next week.

“I told them yesterday but my lawyer today said he would bring my cab that they took from my house. I will relax a little right now. Friday I have a court date,” he said.

Fikadu’s neighbor, Marleen Swanson, says she will be in court with the family this Friday. She is the second neighbor to speak out about Fikadu’s character.

“They’re a very fine, warm, caring family, so naturally I was appalled and I do hope these allegations are found to be false,” Swanson said.

Fikadu will be formally charged Friday in Jefferson County. From there he will have 10 days to set a preliminary hearing. The preliminary hearing will determine if there is enough evidence for the case to move forward.


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