AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A dog thought she could out run an oncoming light rail train, but the puppy lost the race and nearly lost her life.

Nobody knows how the stray got stranded near the tracks at the Dayton Street Station. But when Regional Transportation District officials called in an animal control officer the dog didn’t look good

“I could see she was limping. She had some shredded paw on one foot, and then I didn’t notice it right off the bat, but her eyeball was pretty much swollen,” Dale Keith said.

Keith walked along the track carrying the dog to a nearby car and rushed her to the veterinarian.

Amtrak, as she’s being called, has a new pad on her paw and doesn’t even limp from her injury. She is now blind in one eye but she’s frisky and happy. Her vet said she wasn’t sure how or if she’d heal.

“We couldn’t even really tell the structure of her face,” Dr. Nicole Bartley said.

But the puppy who foolishly thought the train tracks would make a fun playground is now enjoying a backyard spot to romp and recuperate.

“They have an amazing, amazing capability to heal. They really do,” Bartley said.

The dog’s owner hasn’t come forward, so the dog needs a new home — preferably one away from any train tracks. Anyone who is interested in adopting Amtrak can contact the Aurora Animal Shelter.


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