LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – A group of students were denied entry to Paul Ryan’s rally in Lakewood on Monday.

The six students had tickets for the event at Lakewood High School which they had attained by phone.

“When we got in line we were told our tickets were invalid and to step aside,” Vianes Rodriguez, one of the students, told CBS4.

They speculated that they might have been turned away at the door because they were overheard while in line telling a reporter from Westword that they didn’t agree with Ryan’s views on abortion.

“I don’t think differing political views would hinder seeing a politician speak,” said Alexandra Coulter, another student who was turned away.

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CBS4 found some of those in the group had made posts on Facebook which urged opponents of Ryan to attend the event, with some suggesting to glitter bomb him or throw tomatoes.

They said those comments were clearly made in jest, but it serves as a lesson be careful what you post on Facebook.

Security was in the spotlight for Monday’s rally. The day before in Des Moines, Iowa, Ryan was heckled at an event and those protestors were removed.

This past February in Denver a student tried to glitter bomb Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. (Full Story)


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