DURANGO, Colo. (CBS4) – This is the picture that gained national attention for Sydney Spies, when Durango High School refused to use it as her senior picture, saying it was too racy.

Sydney Spies

Sydney Spies (credit: Through The Lens Fine Photography)

And this is the new picture making the rounds — it’s Spies’ mug shot after Spies, 18, and her mother, Denise “Miki” Spies, 45, were arrested in Durango early Monday morning:

Sydney Spies

Sydney Spies, left, Denise Spies, right (credit: La Plata County Sheriff)

Police arrested Spies for obstructing a police officer and her mother for contributing to the delinquence of a minor and obstruction.

According to the police report, police found numerous underage partygoers drinking at the Spies home. Officers allegedly found a keg of beer and other alcohol.

The Durango Herald reported that Spies tried to block an officer from entering the home and that her mom ran inside and tried to close the door on officers.

After Spies’ senior picture was banned from the yearbook, her mother took out two full-page ads in the paid section of the yearbook at a cost of nearly $600.

At that time, Spies told CBS4 that she believed the administrators intimidated the student editors. But one editor said it wasn’t the administration, their adviser or even the dress code that influenced their decision– they simply found the picture inappropriate.

Yearbook editors can ban a picture because student editors have complete discretion over what to publish or not. Unlike the government, student publications are not bound by the First Amendment.

Even though Spies’ senior pictures were too much for the year book staff they got the attention of the Syfy Network. She was cast in one of its horror flicks called either “Final Initiation” or “American Horror House.”

Spies plays a sorority girl, but says she can’t really say what happens to her. The movie is set to air on Halloween.


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