PARKER, Colo. (CBS4) – It might be hard to believe, but some students in Douglas County are already heading back to school.

The district’s schools that are on a modified schedule began the year on Monday. With the early start, school officials and bus drivers are warning drivers to keep their eyes open for more children crossing the street and more buses on the roads.

Dr. Liz Fagen, superintendent of the Douglas County School District, said in an interview on CBS4 This Morning the early start really makes a different in learning.

“They start a little earlier, but they have longer breaks in the fall, winter and spring. Then they end and come back, it’s actually good for them,” Fagen said. “They need those breaks and they have more of an opportunity to retain more of the learning because it feels more year-round than a traditional calendar does.”

Fagen said even if it gets extremely hot, all their classrooms are air conditioned.

Schools in Douglas County that aren’t on the modified schedule return to classes on the 13th.

Aurora schools also have an early start. They will be heading back to class on Tuesday.

Boulder Valley School District classes start on Aug. 15. Jefferson County and Cherry Creek Schools head back on Aug. 20, and Denver goes back Aug. 27.


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