DENVER (CBS4) – City Park Jazz wrapped up its summer season Sunday night after going through a tough year.

In June Officer Celena Hollis was shot to death while breaking up a fight during the festival. Organizers say the shooting scared many people away and attendance dropped up to 15 percent.

Donations also took a big hit. City Park Jazz President Chris Zacher says organizers had to dip into reserve funds to make it through the summer. They’re hoping people come back again next year.

“I know that it takes time. There are families that obviously are scared by isolated incidents,” Zacher said. “What people really need to understand is that this was an isolated incident and that the city of Denver, the music community is strong.”

celena hollis City Park Jazz Wraps Up Season After Rough Year

Officer Celena Hollis (credit: Denver Police)

City Park Jazz says website donations have been solid. They’ve also received a boost from the business community.


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