GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4) – Nine years after she went missing and her body was discovered, there is a guilty plea in the murder of Heather DeWild.

In March, a judge ruled that Heather’s estranged husband, Daniel, and his brother, David, would stand trial for the 2003 murder.

David’s wife, Roseanne DeWild, is facing accessory charges in the murder.

“It’s exciting news. It’s good David has finally decided to do the right thing,” said Heather’s sister Rebecca Barger.

Thursday morning David DeWild pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit second degree murder in the death of Heather.

Heather DeWild’s body was found in a shallow grave near Highway 6 in September 2003. Her divorce from Daniel was nearly finalized when she disappeared. Her family says they’ve always suspected him and his family.

When asked if there was any doubt in her mind that the DeWilds were behind Heather’s disappearance, Barger answered, “No. I don’t have any doubts. We knew from the very beginning that they could have been involved and probably were.”

Barger said Heather was last seen at Daniel’s home in Edgewater. She was going through a bad divorce and told her family that she feared for her life.

dewild murder case Guilty Plea In Heather DeWild Murder Case

Heather DeWild (credit: CBS)

Barger said David’s guilty plea has made the family question what really happened to Heather.

“Those are really hard questions to think about. You don’t ever want to think about your loved ones suffering or being afraid but all that comes back up again,” said Barger.

Barger has forgiven the suspects but is hoping the other DeWilds will finally give her family some closure, “For their sake I hope they come forward and do what’s right.”

David will be sentenced October 19. He faces a minimum of 10 years in prison.


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