ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4)– Dozens of nursing mothers gathered outside Pirates Cove in Englewood to protest an incident that happened at the waterpark earlier this week.

Charlotte Dirks was breastfeeding her infant when employees asked her to cover up while feeding her child. A park employee told her she was offending people.

“I felt just a little bit disappointed and kind of sad this is how things were happening,” said Dirks.

Dirks was asked to cover up and leave the kiddie pool and go somewhere else to breastfeed in private.

Those mothers who organized the nurse in said they were showing their support for those who want to feed their children in public and have the right to do so.

“We’re doing what’s called a nurse in. We’re just here explaining our rights as nursing mothers,” said nursing mother Samantha Walker.

“When my son’s hungry, my son’s hungry. I’m going to feed him where we’re at. I’m not going to go to a bathroom. Bathrooms are dirty,” said nursing mother Alexis Green.

Not everyone agrees with the anywhere, anytime philosophy.

“Really? You’re in a family place. You should just simply throw a towel over. It’s really not that hard,” said Brenda Barels.

Since the incident, the City of Englewood has issued a public apology to the woman and anyone who was offended.

Some women believe the gesture isn’t sincere.

“That wasn’t an apology. It was a generic letter sent out to everybody,” said one woman.


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