ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS4) – Atlanta police are still hunting for a man who shot and killed a Colorado man at a gas station in Georgia last week.

A gunman shot Doug Perry, 62, three times as he gassed up his rental car before returning it to the Hartsfield Airport on July 3.

Perry was a horse owner and trainer from Brighton whose friends say likely would not give in to robbery demands.

“If someobody was just trying to take money from him, I can’t imagine he would have just given it over willingly,” said his friend, Jay Holden.

Holden called his dead friend a lover of classic rock and horses. “He was kind of a big hippe guy that really like to race horses.”

He said Perry raced his thoroughbreds at Arapahoe Park and gave them funny names like Kooli Fooli and Pichi Richi.

And Perry was a man who loved to win. “He really enjoyed owning them and being part of the whole process.”

Holden believes Perry was in the South checking on a farm he owned in Alabama. He frequently flew into Atlanta then drove to Alabama.

Holden said he will miss his friend, “It’s very sad that somebody loses their life over something that senseless.”


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