DENVER (CBS4)– Thunderstorms dumped several inches of rain in the Denver metro area Saturday night causing some problems for drivers.

Rain seemed to swallow entire streets within minutes after rain started to fall. Downtown Denver got 1″-2″ of rain in less than an hour which flooded many side streets and even some major intersections.

One car became stranded at the intersection of 14th and Kearny. The driver didn’t even have time to turn off the windshield wipers before bailing in the rising water.

Witnesses said firefighters from Denver performed a water rescue to get a toddler, who was inside, to safety, “I saw fire trucks coming down the street but when they went to turn, it was like, their wheels are high but the water was up to their wheels.”

Rushing water kept people standing on the sidewalks like they had turned to shores of makeshift rivers running along the roads.

It took nearly an hour for the water to recede.

“We were out camping and I think we caught the front end and got rained on all week and it was here to greet us,” said one Denver resident who returned to the city just in time for the thunderstorms.


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