COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4)– One Waldo Canyon Fire evacuee recorded her emotional journey as she was driving out of her neighborhood before her home was destroyed by flames.

Nicole Frye captured just how emotional it was as she was forced to leave the place she called home for nearly two decades as she escaped the Waldo Canyon Fire.

“I’m leaving my house for probably the last time. Oh my God. There is smoke in the air. It’s so bad. This hill was on fire just a second ago. There are flames, flames right here,” said Frye as she was driving away from her home.

Frye said her decision to record the emotional reaction to the evacuation order was to capture the final moments before her life was forever changed.

“First I wanted to be safe more than anything, but this was my home for 18 years and I knew it wasn’t going to be the same after this turning point,” said Nicole Frye. “I wanted to make sure I had a memory of something that was remaining. That was mainly my goal in trying to record the footage. And it was such a horrific event I wanted to have footage of it.”

Frye’s home was destroyed by the fire.


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