JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. – The fire danger is so extreme across Colorado that many communities are not only banning the use of fireworks but making possession of fireworks a crime.

“We’re going to issue tickets. No warnings. This is the warning,” said Boulder Police Officer Carey Weinheimer.

The Boulder Police Department is just one of many that is enforcing a zero tolerance fireworks ban policy.

“If you’re caught on the street with fireworks don’t expect a break. Expect to get a ticket,” said Weinheimer.

In Boulder, that ticket can be steep, up to $1,000, a mandatory court appearance and possible jail time.

“Some people may say we’re asking neighbors to snitch on one another,” said Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Mark Techmeyer.

Jefferson County has created a special hotline for those who spot fireworks violators.

“We’d like to think that we’re asking their neighbors to be participating in the safety of their own community,” said Techmeyer. “We started this because of the incredible amount of phone calls that come in every year around this time of year.”

Possessing fireworks in Jefferson County is not allowed under the ban. The sale of fireworks is also illegal. Tickets will be issued to anyone who is caught breaking the ban.

The Jefferson County Fireworks Hotline is 303-271-8200. Callers will be directed to a dispatcher to report the fireworks ban violation.


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