AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – At Grandview High School some Girl Scouts were hoping to break a world record by making the world a cleaner, greener place.

“We’re trying to break the most electronics recycled on one given day and I think the record is 80,000 pounds,” Kayleigh Cornell with Troop 2879 said.

Troop 2879 from Aurora organized the recycling drive to collect every kind of electronic waste.

“They’ve brought TVs, they’ve brought monitors, cables, keyboards, mouses, computers; basically any electronic item,” Cornell said.

The items are handled by Metech Recycling, which shreds many of the items, including computer hard drives, and then issues a certificate of destruction.

“That tells us that everything has been securely destroyed and recycled,” Kathleen Laughton with Troop 2879 said.

Metech also ensures that harmful items are kept out of landfills.

“It can release toxic chemicals and stuff and that can get in to lakes and streams and harm the environment and mess up the environment,” Laughton said.

Along with the electronics, the troop also collected donations that will go to “Grants for Girls.”

“So they can pay for other girls’ uniforms who can’t pay to be a Girl Scout,” Cornell said.

It gives more girls the opportunity to learn leadership skills and civic responsibility.

“This is a growing and changing world and Girl Scouts gives them opportunity to grow and develop as strong women,” troop leader Caroline Cornell said.

The troop didn’t quite break the Guinness World Record of 80,000 pounds. Donate to Grants for Girls to help assist any girls that otherwise don’t have financial means to join the organization by visiting the Girl Scouts of Colorado website.

LINK: Metech Recycling


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