DENVER (CBS4)– A swarm of bees camped out near the Colorado Rockies dugout at Coors Field on Thursday afternoon. The bees caused such a disturbance that the game was halted for about four minutes.

There were thousands in the swarm that left Coors Field all abuzz during the Diamondbacks-Rockies game.

The swarm even made the 850 KOA Rockies radio broadcast, “We apparently have, I don’t know if it’s bugs or something… yep, we got bees down in the camera bay.”

About 6,000 bees made up what’s considered a small swarm. They made a temporary home out of the camera bay next to the Rockies’ dugout.

“All of a sudden I looked up and there’s a swarm of bees above us. And then they decided to make a home 10 feet in front of me,” said Rockies fan Jon Hansen.

“There were some people that were running, people started getting up and running, said Rockies fan Lee Truskin.

The bee invasion was deemed enough of a danger and distraction to halt the game for about four minutes. Then it was beekeeper David Bower who was up to bat.

“Well, they needed a few uninvited guests picked up,” said Bower.

The afternoon at the ballpark ended for the bees when they met with Bower’s vacuum.

“They were nice and low and very docile,” said Bowers.

The bees were relocated away from the stadium. No Rockies fans reported being stung.


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