CARBONDALE, Colo. (CBS4) – Police in Carbondale near Glenwood Springs are looking for a bank robber. It’s the first serious crime in the mountain town in decades.

Late Saturday afternoon a man walked into the Wells Fargo bank on Highway 133, threatened tellers and a customer with a gun, and got away in a stolen car. The crime has many people in the small town very rattled.

It’s a branch of Wells Fargo that specializes in transactions while customers sit in their car.

“It was very scary, especially when they saw the weapon,” Carbondale Police Chief Gene Shilling said.

The employees and one customer were tied up by the man wearing a wig and a fake mustache. But investigators, which includes the FBI, say the gunman knew his target.

“It seems like there was some time taken to look at what he was going to do and figure things out,” Shilling said.

It was a well-planned robbery in a town that rarely sees much crime.

“We believe our last one was 1979 or 1980 when we had an armed robbery in town,” Shilling said.

There have been several other bank robberies in the Roaring Fork Valley over the past few weeks, including one in El Jebel and one in Glenwood Springs. But this case doesn’t match those.

The suspect had such a good plan he stole an employee’s car and drove it about a block to his getaway car waiting. Police hope they have a fingerprint on a note to try and find the gunman.

Carbondale police say they’re sending their evidence to a lab. At this time they still don’t know who the suspect is.


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