AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – A first grader is back in class after being accused of sexual harassment because he sang lyrics from a racy song.

Sable Elementary School officials say D’Avonte Meadows, 6, told a girl “I’m sexy and I know it,” a line from a pop song.

Meadows’ parents met with Aurora schools Monday morning. The parents say they are indifferent. Mother Stephanie Meadows says she was told by school officials that the latest incident was the third time her son recited the racy song lyrics. She says she should have had the information much sooner.

D’Avonte was suspended last Wednesday. D’Avonte’s mother says in addition to her son being suspended, he also now has a mark on his school record labeling him as a “sexual harasser.” D’Avonte is a special needs student.

“The paperwork says that he admitted to sexual harassment. When I asked them they said it wasn’t that he admitted to it, but as far as him shaking his behind and singing the song and being in close proximity to the girl; and that’s what he admitted to,” Stephanie Meadows said.

She wants her son’s name cleared and says the support she’s receiving from strangers gives her comfort.

“I’m not the only one feeling like I’m feeling. There are many other parents, teachers and school administrators out of state, in-state, and out of country feeling the same exact way that I am,” she said.

School officials will now take the matter up with the Aurora school superintendent to see if the mark can be lessened or omitted.

Stephanie Meadows says the disciplinary mark could get dropped down to harassment. The mark on his record is supposed to be only accessible by principals and higher within the district.

“We kind of want to find another school for him that better has the support. I dont think they have the support for children like my son,” she said.

Aurora Public Schools has not commented on the situation because of student privacy issues. It released a statement Monday afternoon.

“Aurora Public Schools wants to assure students, parents and community members that a student would not be suspended for merely singing a song. If actions warrant, we would consider suspending a student to emphasize the seriousness of the actions and to prevent further inappropriate behavior toward another student,” the statement said.


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