WASHINGTON (CBS4) – Police in Washington, D.C. are building their case against a man linked to five assaults. One of the victims was a tourist from Denver who died after he was attacked.

Gary Dederichs, 66, was killed Tuesday night in north D.C.  Police are now working to figure out if Dederich’s death is linked to four other assaults in the area.

The suspect, Michael Davis, appeared in court on Saturday. He wore a white jumpsuit and handcuffs as a judge said he’d be held without bond. He’s charged with assault on a woman in D.C.’s Petworth neighborhood. But police suspect he’s also involved in four other attacks, including the attack that killed Dederichs.

“It’s really tough; it’s pretty tough. My son is innocent. My heart goes out to the family but in my heart I know my son didn’t do it,” Davis’ father said.

Davis is the younger brother of NFL players Vernon and Vontae Davis. Neither appeared in court Saturday.

Davis was arrested Thursday night when a woman screamed for help. She was seriously injured from a blow to the head. Hours earlier a second man reported being attacked. Davis was found near the scene with a claw hammer. Investigators say in each attack the victim was struck from behind.

dederichs flier from dcpd D.C. Police Build Case Against Man Who Possibly Killed Denver Man

Gary Dederichs (credit: Washington D.C. Police Department)

Davis’ attorneys argued victims couldn’t know if Davis was the suspect because of how they were hit.

“He looked good, he looked healthy, he looked strong and he showed something in his face that he didn’t do it,” Davis’ father said.

The attacks all happened in a tight radius. Charges have not been filed yet in the murder of Dederichs. Police are still exploring the connection between the attacks.

In all the attacks the victims were never robbed.

Davis will be back in D.C. Superior Court in May. It’s unclear if his next appearance will include charges for the murder of Dederichs.

dc tourist murder vomap t D.C. Police Build Case Against Man Who Possibly Killed Denver Man

(credit: CBS)


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