DENVER (CBS4) – A jogger was killed Sunday afternoon after an SUV traveling at a high rate of speed swerved to avoid hitting another vehicle.

Sonny Jackson with Denver police said the white SUV was traveling on a frontage road of Hampden Avenue near a church when the incident occurred. After the SUV swerved to avoid the other vehicle the driver hit and killed Michael Sanders, 45.

The SUV then continued on through a fence and into the back of the house on Harlan Street.

After the SUV hit the house several items, possibly including a refrigerator, were pushed onto a male occupant of the house. Both the occupant and the male driver were transported to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

Jennifer Pasteur said she, her husband and young son were in their home with the SUV crashed into their house.

“We were in the kitchen and the car drove in,” Pasteur said. “I thought the roof was collapsing.”

She said her husband suffered a spinal injury but will recover. Her son wasn’t hurt.

car into house map Jogger Killed After Getting Struck By SUV In Denver

(credit: CBS)

The incident is under investigation as to how fast the diver was going and what caused the incident. The driver was arrested. Police said they don’t know what prompted his erratic driving.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

Comments (3)
  1. Asodeska says:

    Another person killed by a system that does not care one wit.
    There are so many bad drivers in the DenverAurora area. Fully 40% of them should not have a driver’s license.
    As long as they hand these licenses like candy, we will have pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers killed by bad drivers who should not be on the road.

  2. Robert Gift says:

    How sad.
    Was the jogger heading AGAINSTraffic?
    Any idea of the driver’s age?
    Hope that it was due to an unpredictable medical problem.
    I would hate to be kiiled out of intentional speeding or incompetence and disregard for others or one who has seizure history.

  3. G R. says:

    Sorry to the jogger/and family that was killed, and the following doesn’t apply if you are truly nice people-but those odds are slim.
    BUT to the people who house was hit, if you are one of the people calling someone a b222, whhhhh, or sttttt. What comes around goes around esp right in the middle of Easter dinner. That’s hilarious. Did have to quit saying b2222 and think about YOUR OWN BUSINESS for at least a few hours!!!! How was that? I REALLY REALLY hope it was one of you jerks!!!!

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