DENVER (CBS4) – Police in Denver arrested a man wanted in an attempted murder case just before midnight after a standoff.

Police believe Terry Michael Atcheson, 31, shot a woman in the head on March 28. The crime happened early in the morning at E. Mississippi and Monaco Boulevard and left the woman in stable condition in the hospital afterwards.

After the crime police tracked Atcheson and say they finally caught up with him Wednesday in a Southeast Denver neighborhood. Officers moved in on a residence at the 3200 block of South Galena Court at 9 p.m. where Atcheson was.

They say Atcheson refused to come out and refused to cooperate with police negotiators for several hours. A SWAT team arrived at the scene and authorities closed several streets.

Just before midnight police say Atcheson surrendered and was arrested without incident.

Three others who were found to be in the residence were also taken into custody on outstanding warrants. They were not believed to be connected to the attempted murder case.

Denver police say Atcheson is a suspect they are glad to have off the streets. They said he is a known drug user.

Comments (5)
  1. Tana Rosenberg says:

    We were directly behind the scene and Kuddos to the Denver Police and 911 for a great job and keeping the neighbors informed.

  2. B weasel says:

    agreed great work.
    Great family neighborhood with a dump rental full of drug addicts.

    1. colorado_dog_lover says:

      Hi, just curious if you live in that neighborhood… how do you know it’s full of drug addicts? We were looking to buy a home in that area, but a little leary now. Is it a good neighborhood, in your opinion, and this was just one bad egg living there?

  3. happyday says:

    I’m glad no innocent people were harmed. Good work DPD; too many times we only hear the negatives. SUPPORT OUR MEN AND WOMEN IN BLUE!

  4. Caroleena says:

    Great Work by the DPD! SWAT people, Undercovers, you ALL did a FABulous Job! Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is a peaceful, quiet neighborhood generally, just that house is a blight. I hope something is done to “fix” that spot. I also live on So. Galena Court. This is a safe place to raise your children. Most of the people who live in this neighborhood have raised our children and we can’t think of a better place, so we stay.. We watch out for each other. And the police rarely are needed, but when they are… Police Officers are my Heroes and She-roes!

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