THORNTON, Colo. (AP) — The wife of a Loveland man whose pickup struck and killed two pedestrians and injured a third says he was not using a cellphone at the time.

Witnesses told police that Michael Grennan was using a cellphone when his pickup drifted and struck the pedestrians on Saturday.

But Hope Grennan said her husband wasn’t using a phone. She said he stopped to help the victims and was devastated by the accident.

Michael Grennan has been released from custody pending an investigation.

The victims have not been identified.

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Comments (13)
  1. Nick says:

    Sad commentary when news is inacurately reported. Lives of numerous people and families are in turmoil as a result of this tragic accident and the media and some ambulance chasing politician instantly jump on and push their agenda about cell phones being the worst things in the world.. We already have enough laws against distracted driving.

    1. shayne says:

      So you believe the wife, who was no where near where the accident occurred, over those that witnessed him for some distance driving erratically while using his cell phone? If your 8 or 9, then your pretty naive. Any older, then your just dumb.

      1. disgusted says:

        Shayne, your grammar is horrible. You must be 8 or 9. Any older, than YOU’RE just dumb.

    2. Alexandra says:

      Using a hand-held cell phone while driving is a terrible thing. There should be a law against using a hand-held cell phone while driving because of instances like this. It is possible he was not on the cell phone, but many, many people have been seriously injured or died as a result of a driver using a hand-held cell phone. It amazes me how people dont’ think about the fact that hte person driving is driving a machine that can KILL people. Would people think someone handling a gun should also be using a cell phone? Or someone holding a knife? Give me a break.

  2. Travis John says:

    So what is his excuse then? He sucks at driving and should be relegated to the bus of on foot?

    1. Travis John says:

      *or* on foot not of.

  3. the_punnisher says:

    The EASY and PROPER answer is to SHUT UP and let the cops subpoena the drivers Cell Phone activity logs. Having someone who is immune to be on the witness stand making statements is NOT a credible witness!

    Looking at the BIG PICTURE, a lot of CO residents have died lately by the hands of another. Where are the GOVERNMENT ” PROTECTORS “?

    Scott Storey should get off his butt and get to work finding out who actually set the UNCONTROLLED BURN that killed 3 people! The weather conditions were not an unknown and Storey made headlines when he favored ILLEGAL ALIENS over a US CITIZEN recently. Never mind that under the US CODE Scott Storey SHOULD HAVE BEEN PROSECUTED. ( look it up; aiding and abetting ILLEGAL ALIENS is a crime! ).

    As a resident of Jeffco, I have no confidence in ANY of our so called ” protectors ” and know that I cannot count on the local LEOs and ” fire starters ” when time counts.

    These people are ” uncivil masters ” in this day and age…

    1. salome says:

      I didn’t hear the cops say HE WAS on his cell phone BUT he went to GRAB it and swerved killing my brother…Still two people are DEAD and had families and the police will figure it out and then we will all know what he was doing that he couldn’t pay attention to the road!! Ofcourse he stayed til the coroner got there there were WITNESSES….accidents happen and good people are taken.

      1. Melissa Prior says:

        Well, I have a comment. I just watched this news video, and by the way this guy carries himself and responds, he doesn’t seem remorseful at all. Just my observation…..
        My cousin Stephen was a wonderful person, and he did not deserve to die like this. This woman was not there, and has no idea what took place. Now we all have to go on without him. His children and his wife, and his brother, sisters, and many other family members. Our life will NEVER be the same, as I’m sure this mans won’t either. But atleast he didn’t lose anyone in this accident, and he doesn’t have to feel the pain we do right? (sarcasm intended)
        Bottom Line: This man deserves to be prosecuted…He was not paying attention to the road. That’s pretty obvious, because he veered far enough over to KILL my cousin ….. didn’t he???

      2. Alexandra says:

        salome and Melissa, I feel heartbroken for your loss. How devastating. Yeah, Melissa, I didn’t see remorse. He may be defensive, which is why he exudes a coldness about him. I would have liked to hear him say, “I feel sick over the whole thing and my heart breaks for the victims’s families.” He’s not admitting guilt, but he needs to express how horrible he feels. He looks like a jerk.

  4. familt in mourning says:

    I don’t think it matters when it comes down to it… he was “distracted” whether he was picking his nose, changing radio station, grabbing for his cell phone, or looking up in the sky. That was a long back road and he should of seen them atleast a half a mile away. They were walking a path they do often. Im sure the man who hit them feels really bad about what has happened. He did do the right thing and stay wit them. Two were killed on impact and the young kid was flight for life to hospital. No one could of seen it coming but there are families hurting and morning. There is no DO OVER so all we can do is look ahead and keep the memories in our hearts. SO it doesnt matter whether he was on cell phone or doing something else nothing will change what has happened or take the pain away. If we could all just pay more attention when we are driving cause this isnt the first pedestrian hit and killed nor will it be the LAST….Just take that extra second to check your surroundings…might save a life!!!

  5. shootmyownfood says:

    Turn off your cell phone when driving. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is so important that the safety of others should be ignored. Keep in mind, everyone, that driving is not a right. It is a privilege, and any rules attached to that privilege should be adhered to, whether you agree with the specific laws or not. Follow the rules, retain privilege.

  6. Robert Gift says:

    Why were they not walking AGAINSTraffic?
    We always try to face trafic in case someon makes a mistake or has a medical issue or blowout.Then we have a better chance of getting out of the way.

    Will his cell phone reveal that he was dialing a number but had not yet transmitted (called)? It is the act of looking down andialing which is the greatest distraction.
    I use an earbud with voice dialing so that I need not even look at our Verizon cell phone to call. It also auto-answers with my keeping bothands on the steering wheel and looking where I am headed.

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