DENVER (CBS4) – The Peyton Manning free agency sweepstakes are now in full swing. And the Denver Broncos, even with Tim Tebow on their roster, are serious players in the outcome.

CBS4’s Vic Lombardi has learned through multiple sources close to the situation that the Broncos have already contacted Manning’s agent. The quarterback was released by the Colts on Wednesday after 14 seasons in Indianapolis.

The sources told Lombardi that the Broncos pursuit of Manning is very active and the team could be among the frontrunners to land his services. As many as a dozen teams are believed to be interested in the future Hall of Famer.

Vic Lombardi’s Signature: Broncos And Manning: It Could Happen

Among the reasons cited for Denver standing out in the sweepstakes? Manning has a good relationship with John Elway and John Fox, and the Broncos have a strong running game. The Broncos are also in the AFC, where Manning reportedly wants to stay since his brother Eli plays for the NFC New York Giants. Remaining in separate conferences avoids any chance one brother could eliminate the other in the playoffs before reaching the Super Bowl.

Of course any talk of Peyton Manning joining the Broncos brings up the question of Tim Tebow’s future. According to the sources, the Broncos’ preferred option would be to trade Tebow rather than move him into a backup role behind Manning.

However it’s not a stretch that the Broncos could keep both players. Tebow is due to make $850,000 this coming season, which means paying both quarterbacks is feasible from a financial and salary cap standpoint.

When this saga will play out remains to be seen. The official free agency signing period begins Tuesday March 13. Manning however does not have to wait until then since he was cut by the Colts and can shop his services immediately.

Comments (15)
  1. Darren says:

    Tim Tebow is the Broncos long term future…they better not trade him. Bring in Peyton is fine, but don’t trade Tebow…ever.

    1. Ms Russell says:

      One “bounty” sack on Manning = POOF Time to be a coach

  2. Eilene says:

    Peyton is in his twilight years! Tim could be our future and I believe the Bronco fans would revolt if Tebow were traded!

  3. Mike says:

    I love Tebow and Peyton – what a combo that would be!!!! Talk about Dream Team – Tim needs work on passing skills and staying in pocket – who better to learn from than the Master! Come to Denver PLEASE Peyton Manning!

  4. David says:

    Like indy, Denver has great, loyal fans, with a hometown feel. Peyton and Elway combo in denver would be legendary. I think that if tebow was traded, the fans would be fine with Manning as Tebows replacement. Why?? Cause he’s Peyton Manning!!! Who would be upset with Manning as their QB.. We as bronco fans want a Super Bowl. I second mikes comment, PLEASE come to Denver!!!!

  5. Jason says:

    Yes. It’s truly the perfect fit here in Denver for Manning. He’s the only QB on the planet who we’d all accept over Tebow (unless ofc Elway wanted to suit up and make a return- lol).
    I want Tebow to stay, his 850K salary causes no problems, we all know he needs work and Manning would be the guy to teach him. Don’t trade him, there is no need at all for the trade unless out of respect for Tebow, he wants to be traded in order to play this year.
    I personally think Tebow would be down with the cause and the move.
    Peyton Manning, please come to Denver, you will be appreciated beyond your imagination and you’ll put us and yourself back into Super Bowl contention right away.

    1. Debe says:

      We LOVED Peyton in Indy. We wish only the best for him where he lands. With fans like Jason, Denver might just pull it off.

  6. Bob says:

    Manning would be a great mentor for Tebow. I would think this would be a great opportunity for both of them. Look at the legacy Manning could leave by coming to Denver and helped develop the next best quarterback in the NFL.

  7. David says:

    Maybe the Broncos could get rid of Elway so we don’t have to go through this QB nonsense again. Tebow earned the starting QB job and deserves to have the Broncos go all in on him and his abilities. I like Peyton a lot, he may be the best QB ever. But after 13 seasons and 4 neck surgeries he’s a short term player at best. If he comes here, I hope Tim goes to a team, and a town that won’t treat him the way Denver has. This place sucks.

    1. hml99 says:

      Amen to your comments, man

  8. Rose says:

    Keep Tebow, give him a chance. He is doing whatever it takes to improve. Who would of thought we would even make it to the playoffs. # 15 is our future.

  9. KaZowie says:

    The Broncos are making a mistake if they replaced Tebow. He earned the QB starter position. However great Manning was, he’s not the future. Such classless act by the Broncos suits.

  10. hml99 says:

    It’s so obvious Elway, the prima donna, cannot stand the national attention and popularity Tebow is getting. If Tebow is smart, he should demand to be traded to Jacksonville where his hardwork and efforts will be appreciated. With a boss like Elway, Tebow will never grow into the great QB that he’s capbable of because Elway will never let him. There can only be one star in Denver and it’s Elway. LEAVE DENVER TEBOW ASAP. GO TO JACKSONVILLE OR SOMEWHERE ELSE THAT WANTS YOU SO YOU CAN GROW INTO THE HALL OF FAME QB THAT YOU’RE CAPABLE OF.

  11. hml99 says:

    Now I know why I never bought a John Elway Car. I always tempted to because some of them were a bargain, but somehow something inside me kept telling me NO and I’m glad I never did .

  12. hml99 says:

    I’ll LMAO at the stupid Bronco brass when the time comes and Manning cannot throw like he used to because of his noodle arm. Yet the Broncos still have to pay Manning millions of dollars because they’re obligated to contractually.

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