DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – Abused and neglected horses in Colorado now have a better chance of being rescued and adopted out to good homes.

The Denver Dumb Friends League has just opened a new equine center, now adding horses to the list of animals it helps. It’s called the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center.

The 160-acre center is located off of Highway 86 near Franktown in Douglas County.

Leslie and John Malone of Elizabeth bought the center for the Dumb Friends League. The center is strictly for horses that have been seized by law enforcement officers out of abusive situations.

It will help law enforcement tremendously as officers often have nowhere to keep seized horses and have trouble with the expense of feeding them.

The center does not take in horses given up by their owners. Once the horses are no longer tied up in court cases they are trained and then adopted out.

horse rescue map Abused, Neglected Horses Now Have New Rescue Shelter

(credit: CBS)

The facility can take in as many as 100 horses.

“The horses that we will be getting will be impounded from law enforcement from across the state … they don’t have the resources to provide the care or a place to take them; and often times they have to delay the process in seizing these horses involved in cruelty, neglect cases because they don’t’ have anywhere else to go,” Dumb Friends League President Bob Rohde said. “Now this facility will be open to law enforcement agencies across the state.”

There are currently just over a dozen horses that are up for adoption. View them online or in person by appointment only. To learn more, visit the Dumb Friends League website.


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