Girl Who Borrowed Asthma Inhaler Expelled From School

MONUMENT, Colo. (CBS4) – A girl who borrowed a friend’s asthma inhaler at school has now been expelled.

The incident happened in January at Lewis-Palmer Middle School in Monument. Both the girls and their families are unhappy with the punishment.

The school’s punishment strikes one of the families as uneven justice. The school said the girls broke the district’s drug policy. Their families call the incident an accident and the school’s discipline heavy-handed.

For 10 days Breana Crites and Alyssa McKinney sat at home while suspended from school. The two were in gym class. Crites complained of trouble breathing, so McKinney lent out her asthma inhaler.

“I know what it feels like not to being able to breathe and I know how hard it is and I just took that into consideration,” McKinney said.

The two were sent home. Two weeks later McKinney was allowed to return. Crites however, was expelled.

“She should be back in school,” McKinney said.

“I think absolutely the suspension was appropriate,” Superintendent John Borman told CBS4 in January.

School policy forbids the sharing of any prescription drug. A letter to the students said expulsion was always a possibility. The school district did not return calls about why McKinney was allowed to return but Crites was not.

“The lesson that I learned from this is not to help people, because helping people is just going to get yourself in trouble,” McKinney said.

McKinney father, Tim McKinney, says he doesn’t understand why his daughter’s friend was dismissed in the last semester before high school.

“You work so hard your whole life to instill good morals into your children only for the school to break them,” Tim McKinney said.

Tim McKinney says his daughter was allowed back because he pressed school officials to do so. He says he’s proud and expects his daughter would do the same thing again.

“What they both did was human nature. May daughter was being a good Samaritan. Her friend was having an asthma attack,” he said.

Crites family never returned CBS4’s calls for comment. McKinney was placed on deferred expulsion, meaning one mistake could throw her out of school as well.

  • LoCo Bob

    Here come the lawsuits…

    • Jeb Bush

      If the students were black or non-white immigrants the school administrators would have turned a blind eye. This cooked up outrage over prescription drug sharing is so stupid it boggles the mind. Crite’s father should hire a PI to thoroughly investigate the superintendent’s background. Obviously, if John Borman’s judgement is as poor as this he must be doing something illegal or immoral which he doesn’t want anyone to know about.

    • Sally

      Lawsuits would be deserved in this case. They are messing with people’s lives over their petty bureaucratic bull.

      • David Eggers

        What better way to show the school than to make them pay with other people’s money. The only way this will change is through the legislature.

      • Reis Kash

        This is another example of ow the United States is becoming the Fascist States of America. I suppose if one of the girls had been cut and the other girl had a first aid kit and stopped the bleeding the school would apply their zero policy and kick her out. What a bunch of num-nots we have running our schools and ruining our children. Reis Kash – Springfield, OR

      • LikeThisReallyHappened

        Unelected officials have taken over Washington and are orchestrating the daily news. Most of the comments and replies you’re reading online are government created too. With many stories the COMMENTS ARE CREATED BEFORE THE STORY IS REPORTED. They are designed to generate a response to engage “dangerous people” in real time.

        The oldest, first, highest, best, and most popular rated comments are almost all government propaganda. They are conducting Psy-ops (psychological operations) for domestic spying. They have 1000s of user names and are determined to bury the truth or ATTACK anyone leaking it.

        The next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

      • dam

        Wait a second while I get my tinfoil hat.

      • LikeThisReallyHappened

        Hey “dam” why don’t you take that tin foil hat and bend over and I’ll see if I can stuff it so far up you it makes your eyes bleed coward.

      • Tax Payer with Morals

        Absolutely they should sue, and YES it should come out or OUR pockets, the pockets of TAXPAYERS because WE hire these people for these jobs! If they fail, it’s a review on our decisions, and the campus ‘laws’ that were created and now enforced, by TAXPAYERS.

        If you are unhappy with this and pay taxes (I know I sure am) then maybe instead of complaining how this is coming out of YOUR tax dollars if they sued;

        Get your butt off the couch and made your voice heard TO the people that wrote these incredibly insane campus policies – and those that enforce them!

      • Unbelievable

        @LikeThisreallyhappened, if you actually believe the bull you are shoveling, you wouldn’t of posted anything. But then again, if you are right then this post is just a pregenerated comment that you’ll never get to read since a black ops (dark color operations) team has already neutralized you.

      • LikeThisReallyHappened

        “Unbelievable,” your job is to attack, discredit, and divert attention. Save your little cowardly remarks for court. We didn’t elect a nation of cowards to threaten civilians on message boards or use their families as bait while they trample the Constitution. Get bent. And take the rest of your bs government posters dominating this made up story with you.

      • Dana

        I agree with Sally. If the school district loses, hopefully enough people will pay attention to vote them out of office.

      • David Kramer

        I will agree if the money comes out of those responsible, NOT THE TAXPAYER!!

      • Dana

        The taxpayers elected these people. The taxpayers are responsible.

      • Locke

        The school is insured. The banks who got bailouts will be the ones to pay.

      • Brutally Honest

        Minorities in this country consistently prove to be out of control especially when they sit on school boards or get positions of power through fake affirmative action and people who feel guilty that they are white and think that it is the system that holds minorities down not their own lack of ability to compete in a capitalist society that is based on individual merit. Imagine if this country had only white people and the immigrants were from India, Asia and Europe.

        We would have a fraction of the problems that we have from these reckless uncultured leeches that we pay for head over heel to make sure that we can feed and support their enormous families that have no father to speak of and so much ignorance on the parents behalf that they just continue to pump out poor babies with no hope of ever moving up in a capitalist society because they feel that the role of government is just to continue to “help” them.

        Please. I am fed up with this racket these useless idiots that fail in every single country they are in, especially in countries they are in charge of, run on good honest people that believe in equality.

        Liberalism is killing you white people. Wake up.

        People only immigrate to white countries, there are no third world white country, and whites don’t flock to other countries for a reason. Your own empathy and liberal values that have taken thousands of years of reason and philosophical thinking are killing you white people! When you are gone, there will be no culture on Earth that contributes to mankind as a whole as your own culture, the one they consistently force you to believe doesn’t exist.

        You are told that you are supposed to be tolerant even when someone offends your cultural beliefs, you are supposed to look at the world through the other persons eyes. WHAT ABOUT YOUR CULTURE, YOUR VALUES, YOUR BELIEFS, the fact that YOUR PEOPLE created almost EVERYTHING in modern society.

        They had their scars and they made mistakes and they did the wrong thing on certain occasions and that should be noted, however they also created modern law, the greatest constitution on the face of the Earth, Cars, Planes, Trains, Antibiotics, Television, the Internet, modern Academia, all successful non oppressive forms of government

        I say this as someone who is married to somebody who is not white and has a son that I love more than life itself who is only half white. It is not the race, it is the culture, the culture you are taught is wrong, the culture you are taught to ignore, the culture you are taught does not exist and multiculturalism is the answer to your own “lack” of culture.

        In white neighborhoods in the vast majority of America, you do not have to even lock your door. Yea, white people are so terrible, they just don’t understand minorities PLEASE.

        Name a successful country based on the principles of freedom, limited government and human rights that was not founded and ran by white people. You can’t. And yet you are all taught in school even through the collegiate level that white people are somehow a plague on the planet that subjugates, dominates and enslaves even till today.

        Imagine what the world would be like if white Europeans didn’t exist…. Yea it would be a nightmare without any inventions, advanced civilization or cultural evolution. But hey, maybe I just drank a little to much Jack Daniels tonight and for once a proud white, educated American told you the truth….

        Prepare for the end even if it doesn’t happen now, it is going to happen within your life time. Go to my website, get prepared for when the SHTF folks because this model we have now is UNSUSTAINABLE and you know it.

    • Sam

      they are fools….not educators

    • Daisy

      In this case, the school officials ought to be sued from here to Timbukto and back again. What they have done to these girls is outrageous from the get go. And now they’ve compounded the outrage w/an expulsion.

      • nirdlobkin

        Here we go again with the grammar nazis! Why don’t you people grow up?

      • spammurai

        Low intelligence indeed Bob. Where I come from there is insurance to pay any costs associated with employees misconduct. But to the point this was not misconduct so a suit has no merit. And you have no point.

      • dam

        @nirdlobkin – it’s Nazis not nazis.

      • Bob

        Suing them means we (the tax payers) will pay. Think a little more before you say “sue them”. Or is that as far as your intelligence goes?
        Legislature and punishment of school officials who are on a power trip. The school officials (and you, of course, who has a limited vocabulary; “sue them”) shows that lack of intelligence does exist among people.

      • Sheri

        If either of those girls were my daughter I would move them into a good homeschool group and sue the school for the maximum in punitive damages.

      • Cognoscenti247

        @Bob – Two points: 1) There are more remedies available at law than simple monetary damages; 2) Why insult the intelligence of someone you do not know. I find you irksome.

        Anyway, this should outrage everybody. Take this a little farther. Student A has an allergic reaction to peanuts. Student B has an EpiPen. Student B, under this policy, should let Student A asphyxiate by anaphylactic shock for fear of expulsion. These policies need to be more responsible and intelligently designed.

      • Really Bob?

        Bob, please read what you have written and explain to the class how someone with such poor grammar can tell anybody that they lack intelligence.

        Thank you.

      • MrPUNDIT

        No doubt Bob is a teacher’s union thug worried about our taxes going to anything other than his bank account. Sorry Bob, when the school system tells us to shut up and do as we told, we tell them to shove it. You better get used to that.

      • Daniel Kian Mc Kiernan


        If citizens as voters will not bring public officials into line, then citizens as taxpayers will pay these bills. Don’t blame victims who sue; blame sheeple who don’t realize when it’s long past time to hold principals, superintendents, board member, legislators, and the thumbutt governor personally responsible.

      • Todd

        Actually, that sue-happy reaction of yours is the reason why the school took such an extreme reaction to this. What if it turns out the girl had a previously unknown allergy to that particular brand of inhaler and dies? Easily a multi-million $$$ wrongful death lawsuit against the school for facilitating unlawful sharing of prescription drugs. The school had a policy decision to make and they took the path of least financial culpability. They have to protect themselves by projecting a consistent image that they do not tolerate this behavior on the off chance that a worst-case scenario does occur.

      • Jose

        Bob – Nice try, not goinna fly. They should resign immediately. Expulsion is too harsh, more so then some with criminal activity. This instance calls for education, an oxymoron, don’t you think?

      • Jim

        @Bob – as employees of the taxpayer, the taxpayer accepts liability for the actions of the teacher. Therefore, if the actions of the teachers/administrators has caused harm to another, the taxpayers are liable to pay reasonable damages to the victim.

        If you are concerned about this, perhaps you should be lobbying for the privatization of schools and the risk they represent to the public trust, or more taxpayer control over the hiring and disciplinary process that the schools we the taxpayer funds.

    • jon

      Everyone wants to sue people….boring. However, had the girl died from the complications that came about after using her friends inhaler….I am sure the parents would have blamed the school, and filed a lawsuit….which is probably why the school has this policy.

      • rickyrico

        I don’t think Jon is being stupid or ignorant. I think he is probably right in thinking the zero-tollerance, zero-discretion policy is more for the protection of the school rather than the students. Unfortunately It is a wrong-headed policy that has led to this unjust outcome. I do believe with the other comments that the chance of a fatal complication from an asthma inhaler is pretty remote, but the school has this blanket zero-tollerance policy so it doesn’t have to consider individual situations. It is a substitute for thinking.

      • Willy

        It could have been a catch-22: Yes, using the girl’s inhaler could have proved fatal, but so could not using the inhaler. A person can be in a hospital with the best doctors in the world and still die of an asthma attack if the air sacs in the lungs have shut down because they are past the point of no return. . . RIP – So if you didn’t have your inhaler, suffered an attack and were fighting for every breath, would you turn down using an inhaler that someone was offering you? At that point your brain would be starving for oxygen, would you even think to check the label to make certain that it was for treatment of asthma? The only need for a lawsuit now in this case is to get the girl re-instated and back in school.

      • rr

        What if the girl died from NOT using it? That seems more likely to me……

      • Carlo

        jon, please shut up. Your bone-deep stupidity is showing.

        “What if…” is an asinine premise in most cases. In this case, your premise is insufferably dense.

      • HelloGolly

        I have never, ever, ever heard, in my 35 years as an asthmatic and inhaler user, of a person dying from the INHALER. No, they die from not having an inhalers. Inhalers are incredibly safe. One puff can save a life.

      • Monkeyman

        No one ever dies from a burst of Albuterol and it is safer than the over the counter equivalent Primatene Mist that O’Bama made illegal.

        Get a grip, the school official should be suffocated to unconsciousness to get an idea what an asthma attack is like.

      • J Bradley

        People don’t die from using an inhaler. Ignorant comment.

      • Jose

        When was the last time some one passed away from the use of a rescue inhaler?

      • Marsha

        Since when is percoet put in an inhaler?

    • calhoun

      This is what happens when liberals are in charge.

      • jon

        Blaming this on liberals makes you conservatives look two faced and stupid. Everything is the liberals fault……you are an idiot. So it is ok for the government to tell me and my wife what medical treatments we can and cannot have, but it is not ok for a school to prevent students from sharing drugs. What if this girl had died from an allergic reaction…what if the drug was percocet….would that have been the liberals fault as well?

      • Karl

        All you people blaming liberals care more about your politics than these poor girls. I’m sure that 98% of people regardless of politics would agree that this was a bad decision made by a bad excuse for a superintendent. Quit it with your politics already.

      • JohnAnderton

        No conservative would tell you hat medicines you and your wife can use. I assume you mean that conservatives don’t think other people should have to pay for you and your wife’s choices. That’s a pretty big difference, yes?

      • Carlo

        jon, please go crawl back under your dark place. Your bone-deep stupidity is showing. Your liberal-apologist absurdity is hanging out. Being that pathetically inclined toward abject idiocy is a sin. You have no excuse, you’re just willfully demented. As such you make a perfect liberal.

        “What if…” is an asinine premise in most cases. In your case, your premise is insufferably dense.

      • Jaimo

        Yes everything is the liberals fault.

      • Steve

        Completely true. Liberals run the school system and decisions like this prove how totally brain dead they are.

      • Jose

        jon, you dolt, what if, what if, etc etc how about what if Obama really is not qualified to hold the office of POTUS?

      • Jose

        No, It is Bush’s Fault!

      • Lou

        Jon- The point is that it is NOT ok for the government to tell you (or me) which medical treatments we can or cannot have. Period. That’s not the government’s business. The left side of the isle has MADE it their business. Historically, this is true. Check your facts!

    • Don

      Jump over to the school boards website and send emails to help this girl…or at the very least to let educators know they are being watched. Cut and paste the following into your browser:

    • JohnW

      Stop complaining and do someting

      Here is the contact info for the superintendend

      John Borman 719-785-4200

    • Dave

      I agree, suing the school is the way to go. I’d even be willing to send money to the family if they need assistance hiring a good attorney.

    • Dan

      I am so sick and tired of uneducated school boards, teachers who think they are health care professionals (probably are underObamacare who even read it). This girl should be called a hero for coming to the needs of another student. Had the same thing happen to my daughter as she left to get her inhaler during gym as some dumb 26 yr old moron male has been gym teacher/ health care professional grilled her about having to use it. Only in America do nurses work fulltime in a prison but not even part time in our schools. This country rules but it’s the politicians who SUCK!

      • Keats

        These idiots commenting on here have never had to worry about where there next breathe was coming from. If you’ve never seen the look of helplessness as someone is staring death in the face when gasping for air, you should not even be commenting on here. Over dramatic? ANY asthma attack or COPD flair up or other lung issue can result in repiratory arrest any day, any time at any moment. No breath, no life. Easy as that.

    • Reis Kash


    • Keats

      Lawsuits my butt, you people need to get out and protest in the street. NOW! The next kid that doesn’t assist another kid cuz they are confused by STUPID RULES will result in death. And it might be YOUR kid. Get out in the streets and protest this NOW!

    • John

      This are the F*****g idiots you leave your kids with? Sounds like a bad idea to me, shes probably better off getting expelled, she can study at home and go to college early.

    • Joe

      So what if the girl died, then who would be at fault. This why we need to fire all these idiots in school boards and local government. They are just trying to control your lives. I would sue the school and each individual involved in the expulsion. This way they will have to use there own money to defend themselves. I think every parent in the school district should call and fill up all the voicemail boxes and email everyday until this gets changed. I bet if they get hundreds of emails a day they will change their mind. Also post this all over facebook and twitter.

    • DM

      Borman is evil or blind or both

    • Hank Wasser

      the school should be more compassionate

    • BoulderAl

      It is things like this that make you understand why there is a government school system. No one else would hire these school administrators. The are just too stupid to work someplace that has to make a profit.

    • Spiv

      Well deserved….

    • kishke

      Sue their pants off. And then fire them all. Pack of morons.

      • CO_Native

        +1 @ John G. Nailed it!!!

      • George

        Another +1 @ John G.

        Except for the next-to-last sentence. I’ve seen far more liberal ideas become enshrined in asinine “zero-tolerance” policies than conservative. Liberals are the first to want to create another rule, law or policy whenever something happens that they don’t like.

        What we need are judges, administrators, and leaders who are men and women of integrity, willing to look at the situation, and do their job; not, as John so eloquently says, just “[apply] the letter of the law, absent any judgement.” However, this requires them to take responsibility. Zero-tolerance polices are cop-outs that shield administrators from the burden of being responsible for their actions. They simply claim, correctly, that their hands were tied.

        Conservatives tend to lean more toward personal responsibility, and away from blanket, one-size-fits-all policies like this.

      • John G

        Everyone says “sue them!”. My question is simple, “sue them for what?” What would the basis of the lawsuit be? What law was violated? Was the school negligent? Did it discriminate against a protected class of people? Did the expelled girl suffer personal injuries? The answer to all of these questions is, “no.” There is no leal basis to sue except perhaps for unequal application of the rules. Even that is a stretch though.

        Don’t get me wrong, Ithink the school administrators are complete idiots, unfit to administrate anything. They are truly an embarrassment to themselves due to their complete inability to exercise any judgment or common sense.

        Ultimately, this whole thing really illustrates the problem with our society: on the one hand, we have ignorant people who have no clue how the laws that govern us all saying “sue them”, and on the other hand, an intellectually bankrupt administrator who says “i did my job” because he thinks that applying the letter of the law, absent any judgment, to expel a compassionate and well meaning adolescent is a job well done. Last, we have a bunch of hyper political jerks trying to make this a liberal/conservative issue, when it is really just a common sense issue. The whole thing is just sad on many levels.


      Asthma is one of those things you do not think about until you are having a attack. All the years that I have borrowed one or lent one out or gave to kids on my sons ice hockey team, I guess I’m a bad guy also. Political correctness has turned this great country into a joke of a nation.

  • Shawn

    “The lesson that I learned from this is not to help people, because helping people is just going to get yourself in trouble,” McKinney said. <- This

    • Fanny Forbes Franklen

      “The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality” ~ H. L. Mencken


      • tax revolt

        Slaves are not allowed do dissent, nor are they allowed an enlightening education. When are you people gong to realize that we are not free citizens but slaves to obamas government now (yes previous admins as well). Your children do not belong to you. They belong to the state and are future laborers (slaves) for the corporation known as the United States.

  • Liz Q

    These 2 girls don’t deserve to be expelled. And both girls should have gotten the same punishment. Suspension seems to be fair, expulsion is too harsh. If it had been vicodin or a crack pipe, yes– an asthma inhaler, no. I think this event could have been used in a positive way, to educate students. As it stands, I agree, there will probably be lawsuits.

    • 50GreenDodge

      School officials wonder why they are held in such low esteem. Rather than making threats to strike unless we taxpayers fund golden health care benefits, I’d love to see teachers protestin on behalf of kids like these. It would put teachers back on the side of the angels.

      • Rmoney

        It’s not snitching unless you’re doing something wrong. Thanks for admitting that you’re spreading false information from bigots.


      • Obama-Biden 2012: YES WE CAN... AGAIN!

        Not to worry. I just reported the above post to

      • jerri

        @Obama-Biden 2012: YES WE CAN… AGAIN!

        not to worry I snitched on you. Awesome way to deal with these kinds of things. Snitch on somebody, the local spy network at its best!

      • darth

        well I would recommend that if any student sees a teacher collapse not to render CPR because that could be assault on the teacher. Just walk on by and go to class.

      • mak

        Good gravy, Obama-Biden, you sound like the modern day equivalent of the Gestapo. Thanks for further turning me off to the Obama-Biden ticket.

      • Bryan

        @Obama-Biden 2012: YES WE CAN… AGAIN!

        “Power to the People” = “Power OVER the people (and to the state)”

        Communism doesn’t work in ANY form.

      • Esther


    • Chris

      Even suspension is too harsh. Todays schools seem to be run by liberal idiots without direction or reasoning. The more I learn about liberlas the more I agree with Dr. Rossiter.

      • Joe

        What does being liberal have to do with anything? Liberals don’t blindly enforce dumb rules without any thought. Did it occur to you that individuals do this regardless of their political orientation? Oh yeah, that would require thought.

      • harbs

        You’re right Joe. Liberals blindly enforce dumb rules both willfully and thoughtfully.

      • Pauper

        Members of the Teachers Union, in Colorado…. Greater than 90% probability they are Liberals.

      • kishke

        Oh, but it’s liberals who believe in the power of regulation and more regulation to make the world a better place according to their warped lights. The sex abuse charges against kindergarten kids, the asinine anti-drug policies targeting kids taking their prescription drugs, the anti-toy-gun rules that target grade-schoolers who go “pow” with their fingers: these are all liberal initiatives, designed to protect the supposedly dumb proles from their supposedly dumb selves. But we know who the real fools are.

    • Norge

      No! A suspension is complete,ly unwaranted, A good and fair reprimand and a letter written by a Physician to the parents of both explaining the dangers of sharing medications is all that is needed. There should be Lawsuits. I have used The Rutherford Institute successfully.

      • Marty

        As an RN and a reasonable person, this is thus far the most reasonable statement made on this thread. What ever happened to discretion, or is that too hard being an authority figure?

    • Dan

      why if it would have been a crack pipe the teacher would have smoked it with them. This rule is asanine, where was the teacher who was supposed to monitoring the class. Oh I’m sure probably in the boys locker room

    • ertdfg

      Once you decide on a “zero tolerance” policy; you’ve decided you have zero tolerance for thought, rational behavior, or reasoned decision making in favor of a policy that might not fit a given incident,.

      Which is a great thing to have at schools where you teach kids… Hey kids watch the adults, they’ve decided thinking, and rational thought in general is a bad thing to be shunned and avoided at all costs.

      Now go learn something… but nothing that will require actual thinking, as thinking is forbidden.

    • craig

      what happened to good old common sense!!!They are so scared of a lawsuit, they cannot make a intelligent decision. no expulsion.

  • Megan

    Just my two cents: Expulsion was too harsh especially because the punishment was for one child and not both. Both students (and their parents) should have been counseled as to drug laws and the students reinstated on probation. The school didn’t think this through.

    • Noelle

      There are no laws prohibiting the sharing of asthma inhalers, up until last month, you could buy one over the counter. You might as well say you can’t share a halls cough drop.

      • rickyrico

        I also read the original article that described an allergic reaction. That would be unlikely. It also mentioned the girl did not have asthma. My guess is that she may have been either having a panic attack or was just exceptionally winded and the inhaler produced the known side effect of palpitations and increased heart rate. She became alarmed and then went to the school nurse.

      • Bruce

        It was a prescription inhaler, not an OTC one. More to the point, the girl who borrowed it suffered an allergic reaction to whatever prescription the other girl had been issued, and required subsequent medical treatment. This is what initially brought the incident to the school’s attention according to the accounts I read when the girls were first suspended..

      • Len

        Asthma kills . The schools need to take the condition seriously and so does society.
        It’s not a nice way to go.

      • koczani

        You can’t share a cough drop or an aspirin. My daughter was suspended for gving another girl some motrin for menstrual cramps in middle school.

        I think zero tolerance is a cop out so school administrators don’t have to think.

      • Vicky Bevis

        Yes, federal law says that one cannot share prescription medication with another. BTW, please learn the difference between an asthma inhaler as OTC & one which requires a script; you wll see a difference in ingredients..

        And, please learn what drugs are “mood-altering” if you want to find out which perscription drugs kids are abusing today; they’re-kids- smarter than most parents about non-OTC drugs.

        BTW, ALL mood-alterating drugs aren’t “narcotics.” That’s a class of drugs, along with hypnotics, barbiturates, etc.

    • Smack Dab

      In this case, no one should have been punished, and no one should have been expelled. They should have been instructed in the proper course of action if something like this happens again, and that’s it. I hope the expelled students parents sue the school.

      • 1
      • B

        I agree with everything you said except the lawsuit. A lawsuit would end up punishing the taxpayers who would have to bear the burden of court costs for the school and a monetary settlement if it was ruled in the parents favor. Unless of course the parents could sue to have their child re-instated. That I would totally support. Besides what good does it do to send a kid like this back home? That child’s academic career will have a black mark on it till college which could prevent them from getting into a good school. It is becoming more and more obvious that school administrators have no interest in finding logical solutions to easy problems. This should have been a no-brainer. Use it as a teachable moment.

      • HankB

        Don’t feel sorry for the taxpayers who’d have to bear the burden of court costs and a possible monetary settlement – THEY are the ones who elected the school board and tolerate this nonsense. If their taxes go up, maybe they’ll realize that it DOES matter who they vote for, and voting for idiots can be costly.

      • kishke

        Fire the morons. That’s the only remedy.

  • DH

    The girls should have been EDUCATED on the REASON a person shouldn’t share prescription drugs, not suspended or expelled. In the previous article the principal or superintendent said they “wanted to make an example” of the girls. That isn’t teaching them anything other than they will get in trouble if they try to help anyone in any way. The society is bad enough now about people not wanting to help others and this is just teaching the youth today that it is wrong to help anyone in any way.

    • Ray

      Totally agree. As a pharmacist, educating these kids on the dangers of using someone else’s inhaler would have had more impact. Asthma inhalers are not all the same, and many are not used in acute situations, not to mention potential side effects or drug interactions.

      • tnmccoy

        Do you really think that the girl would be carrying one of the long term asthma inhalers with her? No. She’d have the fast acting, like albuterol, which could save a person’s life. I supposed if the afflicted girl had died, they’d expel the other girl for not helping her.

      • Vicky Bevis

        Well said, Ray!

    • Noelle

      I bet you 100.00 you have used someone else s prescription drugs, an antibiotic, a pain killer, a sleeping pill – I can’t think of a single person I know who hasn’t. How can you ask kids to do what adults don’t even do? Why not just teach them common sense, choice and consequence.

      • kmrod

        I’ll be you $100 I have not.

      • Joe

        I haven’t, either.

      • Vicky Bevis

        A degree in pharmacy too, would be helpful. Adults have the
        RIGHT to make idiotic choices; kids Do NOT!

  • the other side of the story

    It’s hard to comprehend that a news station that has been in business for so long can be so incompetent as to report such a half-baked story and so utterly gullible as to believe the outright lies from the family you keep putting on display. Man, have you been played! YOU DON’T KNOW HALF THE STORY, and yet you insist on putting these “martyrs” on TV repeatedly. The school district cannot divulge what they know. FERPA – ever hear of it? Check it out and get educated. In case you missed the point – YOU DON’T KNOW HALF THE STORY! Why can’t you be bothered to actually do some real research? Too hard? Channel 4 – YOU DISGUST ME. I’ll suggest a more appropriate story – in their pathetic desperation for market share, yet another lazy news media presents fiction as fact and gets away with it. The equally gullible average viewer gobbles it up. Channel 4 – How does it feel to be so inept and so smugly UNaccountable? Truth – ever hear of it? It’s such a bother, though, isn’t it? Honestly, you should be sued for your outright negligence.

    • Orpheus75

      So please -Other side – do tell us the rest of the story since we’re so stupid so as not to know 1/2 the story, but yet you seem educated enough to know that we’re being played. Rather than go on hyper rants, why don’t you supply the rest of us the other half of the story since you’re so enlightened?

    • Schools Unleashed

      wow, do you need an inhaler to help calm you down? Are you the gym teacher or something? Middle school gym class, what more is there that you know? Did they kick you in the shins, or run around the gym floor yelling “rape” when you tried to drag them to the principals office? Why the overreaction?

    • Rick

      Superintendent John Borman, is that you? Whoever you are, why don’t you share THE OTHER HALF OF THE STORY to which you seem privy. Sounds like you could use a prescription or two yourself.

    • Eric W

      Thanks for the comment Superintendent John Borman

      • lurker

        LOL – THAT is EXACTLY what I was thinking – or his wife who is sick of taking threatening phone calls…

    • saneman

      I see you are a UNION brain dead “teacher.”

    • So, what is the other side???

      Well.. IF you KNOW… why don’t you tell us… It is easy to say there is more to the story and say the station is inept… but you have presented no information or facts to back up your allegations..

    • Mr. Guy

      An emotional rant about the lack of detail, in which the only detail provided is something called “FERPA”, thrown in to make the author appear cryptically aware of some law. Unsupported accusation is a childish tactic. Epic fail.

    • Tony

      So, Do you know the rest of the story?

      If you do. Please share it with us.

    • tnmccoy

      Sounds like the other side of the story has a stupid button someone pushed. Sadly, it’s brain numb people like this who are making the decisions at our schools.

    • MediaBS

      FERPA is the Right to Privacy law regarding educational institutions. I suspect that the girl that was expelled had some prior trouble at the school, a record, so to speak, which is why they aren’t responding to reporters. The school cannot discuss anything disciplinary that might be in her past because of the privacy laws.

      • Sally

        So he’s trying to throw this into “she deserves it”.

        Stinkin’ morons blaming the victim all the time.

        I dont care what she did in the past, she is being punished unfairly based on THIS incident.

    • darth

      so why don;t you give us the other half of the story then- or are you just talking out your a$$

    • Dave B
      This guy has it correct. FERPA prevents the school from commenting. This TV report is very incomplete and is designed to infuriate the reader. TV stations do this on purpose to make news out of non news.

    • public schools are a joke

      Channel 4 is so inept they should be working in public education making sure kids grow up lacking a good education!

      The other side of the story is a bunch of no bodies that figured they would ruin others lives cause they themself were the losers in school and were picked on so now they want to pick on others and make sure they do not have a good education.

    • public schools attract failures for teachers

      There is a lot of truth behind the statement, those that do, do, those that can;t teach. Our schools and especially the administrators of schools are filled with people who failed in the real world so they went and started teaching. There is a good reason why the kids in school continue to get dumber, yet some how they try to make it sound like if they get more money that would take care of the problem. I never met a dollar bill that could teach a class, just like I have met many teachers that couldn’t teach. I have ex co workers that stunk in the real world and later found out they went into teaching. Is anyone surprised why our Country has to import workers from other Countries cause the kids coming out of school are not ready for the real world?

      The other side of the story reminds me of such a person, I bet he/she most likely is a failure in life and promotes failure to their kids in school. I hope you are sued for your ignorance when all is said and done.

      When I was in HS, my good friend was killed by the actions of our PE teacher. He had a Dr. note excusing him from PE cause he was taking new meds and the Dr. wanted to see how he reacted to it. When he showed up in jeans, the teacher did not care that he had a Dr. note saying he wasn’t to do anything that would get his heart rate up, so whats the PE teacher do? Had him run a mile on the track with NO supervision for showing up in class in jeans. So while we played soccer in the middle of the track he went down and laid there. When we went to go check on him, we were ordered back to the middle of the field cause the teacher said he was faking it and the teacher just yelled at him to get up and keep running.. well when we finally went over to check on him, he was laying there unresponsive and the teacher STILL did nothing!!! I ran into the school to have them call 911, when I went back out to the track the teacher was standing in the same spot looking at the boy yelling at him to get up and stop being lazy…. by the time the medics got there he was dead. That teacher is STILL teaching at my old HS and never did he face any charges of ignoring a Dr. note saying he was to NOT run!! I was with him when he told this to the teacher and showed the note and the teacher didnt care, he was punishing him for not dressing for PE and made him run that mile.

      This story kind of reminds me of what I had witnessed. Their is a reason the teachers have a union, many are not qualified to be in the positions they are in, they are real world rejects and like in this case, use “policy” to be the reason they claim ignorance. Teaching attracts non qualified teachers and pedophiles. Seems like every week you hear about another teacher being arrested for touching or in Ca they just arrested a teacher for feeding kids his sperm and playing whats it taste like game. THEN because of the union contract, taxpayers had to give the pedophile a $40,000 payoff to drop his case to be reinstated as a teacher. Home school your kids and keep them out of reach from these F’n morons.

      • Vicky Bevis


        The “saying” is:

        “Those who can-do”

        “Those can’t, teach”

        “Those who can’t teach, teach college.”

        Hubby, who left teaching ( since he can do) taught me that one way back in college in the 60’s.

    • rickyrico

      So, you know the true story? Do tell.

    • Emily Lit

      Oh, dear, did we have a little too much caffeine today?

      • Commonsense

        Maybe someone should share their meds with that guy. lol

      • dave

        More like too much crack!

    • public schools attract failures for teachers

      Nothing like having a dumb teacher come on here and go after Channel 4 for not being held accountable… sounds like … um a teacher. When teachers are held accountable for the dumb kids they pump out, then come back and talk about being held accountable… ;) Tenure, keeping lazy teachers in schools all over the country.

    • Holly

      And Yet only the girl with the possible law suit is expelled while the girl who Admitted on camera that she gave the inhaler to her and said ” here use this it will help” is not.

  • ann

    Another reason to Homeschool

    • Davos

      +1 !!

  • American Sharecropper

    “Zero Tolerance” compels the suspension of critical thinking. Expect more as we hyper-regulate every aspect of our lives.

    • patrick

      do you mind if I use your quote? – its the best I have seen for zero tolerance — its so frustrating to hear an adult with a PhD state “My hands are tied, zero tolerance you know”… I like to reply “my brain is tied, zero tolerance you know”

    • Chuck Pelto

      The great atrocities of our civilization have rarely been the acts of generals or presidents or kings. They have been the doings of petty bureaucrats acting within the strict confines of the law. — Alain Simon

  • ccoffer

    The stupidest people in this country are running public schools.

    • public schools attract failures for teachers

      There is a lot of truth behind the statement, those that can, do – those that can’t, teach.

  • art

    Let hope the childrens parents sue the district and get a wad of money from these morons.

    • DLBone

      by “these morons”, you mean the taxpayers?

      • Stephen

        Yes, moron taxpayers! Those taxpayers are also the electorate and if they made it absolutely clear that they will not tolerate such astoundingly incompetence then they should be made to have to pay for their apathy and lack of involvement in their community.

        It sounds like the superintendent, John Borman, is a little bit weak-kneed; “Tim McKinney says his daughter was allowed back because he pressed school officials to do so.”; I bet a few phone calls from some powerful local/city/state lawmakers would go a long way in making him reverse course, step down or be removed. All it takes is a little bit of effort on the part of the local community, I won’t hold my breath.

    • public schools attract failures for teachers

      I say sue those that made the decisions, not the schools (tax payers). When these people have to pay out of their own pockets for decisions THEY made, then maybe you will see some changes.

      In Illinois there was a case where a mother died and so the state made the young child go to his father who was a CONVICTED PEDOPHILE!!! When the father then molested his own son, the state played dumb and said it was just following policy… Really, policy says that the best place or a young boy is with a individual who had already been convicted of sex with another child????? Any wonder why gov’t workers have unions? They do not attract the brightest. Something tells me going by policy should NOT over ride common sense!!

  • Chadly

    anyone who thinks this was inappropriate can go to hell. My niece at the age of 4 died because of a lack of an inhaler at a day care center. it was the day cares fault since the care taker was a druggie and didn’t know better. Anyone who doesn’t think asthma can kill is ignorant.. anyone who thinks that helping out another who was having trouble breathing is wrong is a moron lacking any common sense.

    • Contact Information

      John Borman

      Caryn Collette

      Board of Education Member page:

    • Chadly

      the caretakers failed to administer her treatment..cause of death, suffocation.

    • Commonsense

      As an asthma sufferer myself (and as one who had to borrow a friend’s inhaler once way back in grade school) I wholeheartedly agree with you.

  • MIke

    Would they have expelled an illegal alien for doing the same thing? I think not.

  • Chadly

    1776 Woodmoor Drive, Monument, CO 80132
    Main: (719) 488-4776 Fax: (719) 488-4780
    Attendance Line: 487-0941
    Main Office Hours: 7:00AM – 3PM
    School Hours: 7:23AM – 2:34PM (1st bell 7:18am)

    Caryn Collette, Principal
    Ryan Capp, Assistant Principal

  • tim

    Put some more government bozos in charge of making decisions.

    • public schools attract failures for teachers

      Then put a union in place so those can be protected from the consequences when they make very bad decisions. Even pedophiles are protected by the teachers union. Mark Berndt was charged with feeding his sperm to at least 23 kids 6yrs old – 9 yrs old and the teachers union won him $40,000 payment from tax payers for his termination. So the union would prefer the school not fire a pedophile even though there was pictures with him doing thee acts that he himself took. So far 2 teachers at that school have been arrested with another teacher being charged for pimping her kids to Mark when he would want a few new ones to play, whats this taste like, then feed them his sperm.

  • Commonsense

    That superintendent is a Grade-A MORON.

  • Mr. Guy

    Translating this to real life, the school district wishes student to learn that if you see someone lying on the sidewalk, gasping for air and needing an inhaler, providing one means you should go to jail. Another example of schools NOT preparing our children for the real world.

    • Paramedic

      Because when seconds count, the ambulance is just minutes away.

    • public schools attract failures for teachers

      One can only hope they themselves face that fate one day. Eye for an eye…

  • Truth Mongrel


  • Dan

    Idiots,,, and these are the people in charge of our schools,

  • Carlos

    America is no longer a free country.

  • JBorman is an idiot

    E-mail this dbag superintendent at Common sense is once again proven to be uncommon.

  • John Wolf

    The school would have helped with an abortion.

    • sheila

      Agreed. Such hypocrites the school systems are. No aspirin given without a note from home, but they can take them for abortions.

    • public schools attract failures for teachers

      They do in Seattle…. a 14 yr old complained of stomach pains for about a week before she told her mom that she had an abortion but the school told her that she was NOT to tell her mother. She went to school, the school got her transportation down to the local baby murdering place (Planned Parenthood) and then sent her home. The girl had internal bleeding from a bad abortion and it was lucky the girl finally admitted to her mother what the school did.

      The school did this KNOWING the mother was Pro life….

      • public schools attract failures for teachers

        I’ve never been able to figure liberals and how they come up with their morals… They fight to keep someone who did something to earn a trip onto death row, but fight so hard to have the right to murder a baby who hasnt even taken a breath yet and hasn’t harmed anyone… other then the mother who magically ended up pregnant. If only we could figure out WHAT causes birth so their was a way to prevent it BEFORE having to murder it….

  • billcrawford

    “I think absolutely the suspension was appropriate,” Superintendent John Borman told CBS4 in January.”

    Another supposed educator with no common sense and one wonders why our kids are not learning a darn thing! I guess the philosophy is if they can’t breath let em die, that is political correctness run amuck.

  • Junior

    if these were black kids, jessie jackson would lead a march, and the principal would be expelled.

  • Norton Burgess

    It’s not like they were trading xanex. This school is another prime example of “stuck on stupid”.

    I fear for the reasonable sanity of our country and kids. What would have happened if the other girl passed out from her asthma and died? Then what, suspend the other girl for NOT helping?

  • Jed

    That principal should be fired for rampant stupidity. This is what happens when libralism takes hold. Common sense goes out the door.

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