As part of CBS4’s Xfinity Monday Live! broadcast each week sports fans get a chance to pose questions to the special guests. This week, University of Denver lacrosse and hockey coaching legends Bill Tierney and George Gwozdecky responded to questions on a variety of topics. Read the questions and his responses from the Riddle Me This segment of the show in the following transcript:

A Fan Asks Bill Tierney: Why are Canadians so good at hockey and lacrosse?

Bill Tierney: People don’t realize lacrosse is the national sport of Canada. Hockey is probably more popular. The reason why we love Canadian kids is in Canada they play box lacrosse in the summers when the arenas don’t have ice down. They play on a 4-by-4 goal … when they come to college they’re playing with a 6-by-6 goal; much easier to score. We look to the Canadian kids to catch tight passes and they have much better skill than a lot of the American kids, and they can score goals.

A Fan Asks George Gwozdecky: What do you think it’s going to take to get this team back to the Frozen Four?

George Gwozdecky: Continue winning. I don’t need to simplify it but there is no question that we put ourselves in a position to go a long way in the playoffs and the national tournament. These next four games, these two games against North Dakota this weekend, and then to wrap up the regular season with two games against Nebraska-Ohama are critical. We’ve got to take three out of four to guarantee ourselves a good position for the national tournament.

Vic Lombardi Asks Bill Tierney: You ever think about taking your coaching to the pro ranks?

Bill Tierney: The difference between lacrosse and, say hockey, football and basketball, is the highest level of the game is in college. The pro lacrosse game is wonderful. There are two pro leagues, the indoor league and the outdoor league … guys have to have other jobs. They’re not making the kind of money other pros are. We look at the college lacrosse as being the pinnacle

Watch more of the video with the coaches in the Xfinity Monday Live! section.


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