DENVER (CBS4) – Those who are familiar with the music of the punk band Green Day are most likely familiar with the album “American Idiot.” And those familiar with the album “American Idiot” are also likely familiar with the Broadway rock opera.

CBS4 Critic at Large Greg Moody previewed the Tony Award winning show on CBS4.

“American Idiot” is the Broadway musical rock opera of Green Day’s 2004 concept album. The show is a 90-minute, no intermission sing-through storyline of three friends and what happens to them on the road of life.

Moody said it’s loud, in your face, and completely unexpected.

“First I would say ‘good’ that you don’t know what you’re about to see. I think one of the greatest things of the show is that it catches you off guard and it makes you vulnerable in a way that you might not be expecting,” said Van Hughes, who plays “Johnny” in the musical. “I think it gets you right in the gut emotionally.”

Moody said that explosive motion really translates to the audience.

“We got to Detroit at 7 p.m. on a Tuesday night, the curtain inched its way up, and people were screaming bloody murder,” Hughes said.

It’s song and movement and music and dance — in a 90-minute package that hardly gives the audience the chance to breathe — and keeps them thinking all along the way.

“Nothing is simple in this show,” Hughes said.

It’s a concert and story that challenges what most think about musical theater.

“American Idiot” is on stage the Buell Theatre March 6-11. It’s only a one week run so get tickets early. Call (303) 893-4100 or visit

– Greg Moody is CBS4’s Critic At Large. His reports on CBS4 News are featured on the Entertainment section.

– Also, don’t miss Moody’s entertaining bio, his Top Spots in Denver lists, and his frequently updated Moody’s Picks page.


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