Not Having A Dog License Leads To Jail Time

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – A Jefferson County man was held in jail after refusing to get a license for his dog. Now he and his wife are fighting the fine in court.

4 On Your Side Investigator Rick Sallinger wanted to know how many others don’t have licenses and face the possibility of arrest.

Matthew Townsend and his dog Wolfie fought with the law and got bit. In unincorporated Jefferson County all dogs must have a license — Wolfie did not.

“He’s a service animal for my autistic daughter,” Townsend explained. “So I didn’t feel it was necessary to pay fees; it’s a waste of my time and theirs.”

One day Wolfie and the family’s other dog got out and the Townsends were issued a $50 ticket for not having a license. The county’s animal control unit says it doesn’t actively go looking for violators, but in Townsend’s case deputies arrived to repossess some furniture and happened to discover Matthew missed his day in court, so they proceeded to arrest him.

“Did they handcuff you?” Sallinger asked. “Yes sir, they put me in incarceration … I was afraid they would shoot my dog. I spent 7 hours down there.” Townsend replied.

Seven hours in jail for not having a dog license?

Sallinger asked the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department how many other dog owners face this possibility. CBS4 found 495 summons were issued last year for failure to have a dog license — 50 of those face arrest for failure to appear.

Jacki Kelley, a spokesperson for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office explained, “If they like to roll the dice and ignore the summons issued by animal control, their name is run it will show a warrant and they can be arrested.”

CBS4 asked various dog owners and many weren’t aware they needed a license, and didn’t seem too concerned about it. In fact only 28 percent of dog owners bother to license their dog in all of Jefferson County.

The county say the animal licenses are needed to fund the new $10 million Foothills Animal Shelter. The license is a little star or circle that the dog is supposed to wear and help get it returned if lost.

By CBS4’s figures, Jefferson County and other governments are missing out on a lot money for non-compliance on dog licenses. Jefferson County misses more than $2.5 million a year in uncollected license fees. Denver has 19 percent of its dog owners and 1 percent of its cat owners with licenses, missing out on nearly $3.5 million in money it could collect. In Aurora under 9 percent of dogs and only 1 percent of cats are licensed, missing out on $2.5 million in revenue.

By fighting the fee Townsend and his wife April Mearsha are now in a kind of double jeopardy as she got a ticket as well.

“After they arrested Townsend they came back and gave me a second ticket for a $100 this time,” Mearsha said.

Despite the arrest and risk of fines and court costs, they are not giving up, hoping the law’s bite is not as bad as its bark.

In most communities CBS4 checked, less than 20 percent of the dogs are licensed, meaning in some case they are missing out on millions of dollars a year in revenue.

In Jefferson County it’s $30 to license a dog, $15 if neutered. The Townsends’ fight continues.

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  • Booduh

    Something that was not mentioned is, the licensing fee is not a one time fee. It is yearly. And you get a ID tag for that. I put my own ID tag on my two dogs for less than $10 bucks. Plus a lot of people have their dogs micro chipped. It’s just another way for Jeffco. To pay bloated salaries and projects ( bridge to nowhere at wadsworth and Bowles ) I believe their last animal shelter director was on his way to making $300 K. Before being ousted. What a joke on the tax payers.

    • Unaffiliated Voter

      Why aren’t you people voting out these officials or the pols responsible for hiring them?

    • George Marchand

      a yearly $30 “fee’ for a 25 cent dog tag and this service personally benefits the responsible pet owner? Almost as odious as the head tax our town used to charge simply for existing and breathing the air!

    • teaisstronger

      People are lucky they don’t have to pay license fee for the birds in their back yard. Someone in America did get arrested for having too much birdseed in their back yard.

      Extortion like this is what makes America a great place to live.

    • teaisstronger


      He better be careful, they will take his dogs to the SPCA where they will “accidentally” euthanize them, apologize and send him a bill. The local animal Gestapos across America are very dangerous and virtually unaccountable. In NJ animal Gestapos shot a dog owner to death because he attempted to prevent the Gestapo from seizing his dogs on his farm.

    • C. Frawwer

      We just moved here and went to one of the dog parks around here. There were dog police there ticketing people as they left for no license!! A one time fee maybe, but every year?! What is happening to our freedoms? Now you can’t even own a dog without paying??? We pay enough in vet fees etc!

    • Linda Brandon

      There are no directors of any local animal shelter making $300,000 a year. Check your facts. The hours are long and the pay is low for shelter workers. Many of them donate supplies and time to fund raising activities. There may be management issues in shelters, but they are usually resolved in a short period of time due to funding limits.

      I do agree with you on the bridge to nowhere.

      • Joe Bite-me

        All “directors” of any govt. agency in Colorado are making huge salaries, counting benefits. The $300K number above is likely very close to the facts when you consider these loafers will get >90% per year of their highest paid year for the rest of their lives, and that is where that figure likely came from when accounting for a 30-year post-retirement gravy-train of Govt. Sugar Benefits. This is true of most ALL State & Fed. Govt. workers in the USSA now, and is one of the main reasons this country is now $15 trillion in debt.

      • JOHN T. FOX


      • Direwolf

        @Not You @cyberties @UAW Worker,

        He called him “Osama Obama”. That’s the reason why he’s racist. He is one of those people who think that because Obama had Muslim ancestors that he’s an islamist.

        Just as a reminder, Obama was the President in whose term Osama was killed.

      • CEO ASPC 400K

        “There are no directors of any local animal shelter making $300,000 a year”
        CEO not directory, but yes he does make over $400,000 a year.

        “Nonprofit CEO Job That Pays Over 300k #2: American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

        The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was founded in 1866. It has more than one million supporters. The agency helps animal poison control, animal assisted therapy, shelter outreach and more. As of December 2008, Edwin J. Sayres earns a salary of $473,998 a year. If he were a veterinarian who treated animals who were abused, he would only earn between $55,000 and $110,000 a year. ( “

      • SandyLester

        Huh? The director at the place I worked for made $325K a year.
        The workers were all union, and made at min $15 hour. Hardly low pay.

      • DrEz

        Wow John T Fox.. spoken like a true racists P.O.S. Maybe we should enact a law that requires people like you to be licensed. That way everyone knows you’re mentally challenged.

      • Booduh

        I have requested information on foothills animal shelters senior executive compensation. So should everyone else. I have no kids but my property taxes, pay for public schools. If I have a tag already on my dog and is chipped too, I don’t need the counties $30 or $15 tag. YEARLY. Ok, I’ll compromise and pay it one time, even again if I move but come on this just dosnt make sense. I’ll even pay a fine if my dog is caught off the leash. If anything this is discouraging to people. I think animal shelters are needed,and I appreciate them. But this was gone about the wrong way.And I’m sick of the waste and greed of local and national government. And (publicly)traded corporations. That say they are( private ). I work for one and just like government, it’s not the workers who are doing anything wrong. It’s the CEO and senior management who are looting the company. If you don’t want the people to revolt and force regulation on these corporations and supposedly NONPROFIT ORGANIZTIONS.. Then don’t go public. CEO PAY should be tied to the lowest paid employee, no mater what the type of business. And shouldn’t exceed a certain (x’s) amount over that lowest paid employee, including stock options.

      • Not You

        WOW DrEz, where on earth did you get racist out of JT Fox’s comment? Really, please explain it to me cause where I’m sitting I see it as a real stretch….a real real stretch. Kinda sounds as though you are the racist…one of those brainwashed by the media that says anyone against obama’s agenda, less taxes, smaller government, and less government intervention into our lives are racist.

      • LTCB

        Actually, check the boss salaries again. Yes, the workers get zip. But, not the “directors”.

      • cyberties

        What in John T. Fox’s reply is racist? Just because he is against gun registration, pet registration, and the re-election of Obama, he’s racist AND mentally deranged? You, DrEz, need to re-examine your standards for defining racism or mental illness because your defiintion for both is clearly erroneous.

      • ken

        Well as a member of a jury it is every citizens right to not only judge the person but the law he is convicted under. So if you think dog licenses are bs how can you convict the individual? the jury is the ultimate test the issue is the jurriers are poisoned by the judges instruction. Find the man not guilty and he can never be tried again for the same crime. There is no reason to have a dog license only a rabies tag period. you get that from the vet.

      • UAW worker

        @Dr. Ez,
        sounds like you’re projecting your own racism jacka$& POS slime.
        Are your ears as big as obammys?
        They’re good to grab when he’s slurping the pole.

      • truthfulster

        A 10 MILLION dollar shelter, what, can the animals drive their cars right up to the doors of their private rooms with bidet?

      • Tom

        You sound like a shelter worker

      • Marbran

        @Direwolf What race is Islam again? I’ll speak all day and night against Islam, and I’ll challenge anyone who dares call me a racist because of it!

      • theJackal

        How the phuck would you know you dumb arrogant khunt…. There are government hacks that give themseleves these kind of outrageous salaries everyday, notice the poster said “former” director. Again stupid khunt you know squat….

    • Vicky Bevis

      These people are lucky. Here in Harrison Co., Ohio, we pay $12.50 per dog regardless of whether or not they are spayed/nuetered. ( I lived where the cost was predicated on spaying/neutering the animals & was 1/2 of the fee here.) In return, we get a “Dog Pound” per Ohio law that isn’t even a building-just concrete kennels with a roof ( thanks to some wonderful people from the local Humane Society) & a TARP wrapped around the whole mess doubling as a building.

      I won’t expound (all puns intended) on what is a real “Cluster F***”, in the truest sense of descriptions, but suffice it to say that our Co. Commissioners are a bunch of rednecks in my humble opinion & are the reason government employees get a bad rap.

    • I KNOW YOU

      This “Matt” is a complete idiot. He went to jail for not going to court. His dog was not licensed and if it was a “service dog” (which I know for a fact it is not) he would of had paperwork to prove it. Matt could not prove it at the time the dog was a service dog. If he could prove it (which he cant because it is not a service dog) he could have WENT to court and provided the right paperwork and they might have dropped the ticket. This guy is a real Dumba** with a capitial D. These people live in brand new house that was built by Habitat for Humanity, dont have jobs and live off of welfare. They have the audacity to complain about a dog license when they live off of us tax payers. I didnt know selling pot out of your house was a job !!! Matt its time to grow up and take responsibalty. I understand its hard for you to pay the $30 or $15 dollar license fee for your dog when you are living off of the tax payers. You need to see a dentist and do me a favor put your American Flag (which you had on the ground in the video) back up on your house. You are a disgrace to the men and women that fight for your freedom and pay your bills. I hope when you go to court they give you another ticket for felony Dumb***.

      • ARM

        did you get a tax refund this year “I KNOW YOU” if so, you DONT pay taxes. Second, the house was not new when we got it, and it is falling apart because of poor workmanship. Why, futhermore are teeth an issue to you? Are you really that vain of a person? must be. Again, yes Wolfie is a service dog, and he is registered as such. Maybe you should KNOW your facts before you start spouting your holier than thou BS. Oh, And FYI we dont live off of welfare. You are one of the many people who will continue to allolw this country to rape and piilage its citizens until everyone ends up in FEMA camps. And yes, look it up there are several here in Colorado. BTW the government isnt after MAtt, they are after all of us. AGENDA 21, GMO, CHEM TRAILING, VACCINE POISONING, FLUORIDE POISONING, NWO. Look it all up!!

      • I KNOW YOU

        Arm (April) this is a responce to your comment. Fist of all people who do pay taxes can get tax returns. Someone like you who dosent work and gets a tax return is just crazy. The house was in good shape untill you and Matt moved in and plus you got it for free. Being a home owner means you have to do stuff around the house to keep it in good condition. Its called up-keep part of being a home owner, kind a like having dogs there are things you need to do to be a good dog owner. Like keep them in the yard, or like having funtiure your paying on you need to make those payments or they come to repo-it. Call me what you want but you must agree Matt does have some messed up teeth and by the way you are welcome for the surgery for the weight loss.. The only reason why you have those dogs is to protect the plants you guys grow at home. You know what I mean. I know my facts and I know it hurts to hear the truth. Its sad to see Matt has you so brain washed. What is nice about living in the United States is you can leave at anytime. I am sure you can move to Mexico or Iran, or even Afghanistan. But there is no welfare there so I am sure you would want to stay here where you get stuff for free and still complain about a $15 dog license. Please post what happens in court. Hope you get a fine to pay plus court costs. P.S. tell Matt to relax Govt. is really not after him. He needs to take his meds and everything will be o.k.

    • Drew

      @ Direwolf, Since when is being a muslum a race? Last I heard it was a religion.

    • lovemypuppy

      ……Wake up America….It’s not a ”license” it’s a TAX !

    • lovemypuppy

      …wake up America….it’s not a ”license”…it’s a TAX !!!

  • Linda Brandon

    The license fee funds a much improved animal shelter–Foothills which replaced the inadequate and unsafe Table Mountain Animal Shelter. Running an animal shelters cost money. Due to the recession, animals are being abandoned at the back door of shelters everywhere. Ask any staff member or volunteer at a municipal animal shelter what happens to animals when there is not enough money. The shelter staff does a fantastic job trying to place animals that lose their homes for a variety of reasons. Please don’t glamorize breaking the law by not licensing an animal. Owning an dog involves responsibility. The license fee funds the shelter. It might be good to make a donation to Foothills Animal Shelter instead of criticizing an important source of funding. Your reporting was not responsible or accurate. Please cover the other side of the story>

    • denvercat

      My cat is an indoor cat never venturing outdoors so why is it necessary to have a license? My cat sees the vet at appropiate times and is well cared for. A dog in contrast goes out for excercise and to do their business. In addition there is some danger of the dog getting loose. The equivelant does not exist for an indoor cat.

      I agree that licenses for dogs should be a one time payment not annual based on the rational and purpose of the license for the general pet owner.

    • gdogs

      “Owning an dog involves responsibility.”

      Yes, responsibilities to my dog. I don’t have any responsibilities to animal shelters outside of the property taxes I currently pay.

      • Booduh


      • JOHN T. FOX


    • James Angryjew


      Lori is actually pointing out two issues, poor grammar AND factual information. And grammar IS very important; it helps get your point across right? Right! See there, same word with two completely different inflections. Why? Our old friend grammar!

    • Dennis in WV

      Ok, so according to your logic, those of us who have dogs vs those who do not have pets are more responsible for paying for the animal shelter? Where is the logic there?

      Owning a dog does involve responsibility. Having your pet spayed or neutered; under voice or leash control; and having current shots should be the limit to that responsibility.

      Taxing pet owners is just another tax by the politicians to fund their give-away programs to buy votes. Understand that when a politician exploits the idiotic taxpayer by streessing “paying your fairshare” really means that the politician now has both hands on your wallet.

      • A Guerra

        “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”. Welcome to Ameritopia.

    • Andrew P.

      I don’t see why you people are calling Lori a liberal for her grammar comment. I am a conservative republican, and if I saw poor grammar, I would point it out as well. One’s grammar and diction reveal much more than one would think. Sure, my grammar is in no way perfect (I’m an accountant, after all), but if a person cannot put together a cogent and coherent comment, I simply ignore what they have to say. In the same way I ignore when dogs bark. There’s more to being human than opposable thumbs.

    • CommonCents

      Lorie, you must be a liberal…

      When confronted with logic, liberals resort to ”grammar’.

      Check your own sentence structure and word usage, Lori:

      “Your grammar & facts really need to be looked at as well.”


    • Robert Allan Hennigan Leahy

      No “glamoriz[ation]” is needed when one breaks the law. “[T]he law” is just edicts issued by politicians and bureaucrats. Breaking the law is no more or less glamorous than standing up to a gangster.

      This article did not “glamorize” the Townsends, it merely described the facts of the situation. The patent stupidity of the law was the “glamoriz[ation]” of which you speak.

      How can you justify requiring someone to have a license issued by an arbitrary authority for an arbitrary amount to acquire and maintain ownership of property — in this case, a dog — from some third party? Should bread by licensed?

      Where’s the legitimacy of the action derived from? Just because it’s the government? The government — acting without moral legitimacy — is just a gang of thugs and thieves writ large, as we see in this article.

    • JOHN T. FOX


    • irishalaman

      So, throw a pet owner in jail to pay for the nice shelter?
      There is no penalty too severe for Socialist Do Gooders towards
      non-conformist Humans..conform to thier Righteousness or
      rot in the People Prison…

    • CayoKath

      The Foothills animal shelter is a wonderful facility for the comfort and well-being of OUR pets when they get out of the safety of OUR custody. It’s also a place for them to go when WE don’t want them any more or don’t take proper care of them. It replaces an overcrowded and ramshackle facility that used to sit out on I70 near Youngfield. The place was a hazard to human and animal alike. Yes it takes money to run the place. It requires heat, light and lots of water to keep people and animals well. Then there are food, medicine, veterinary care and comfort items. And yes, the cost of extermination, because unfortunately they can’t keep them all forever. I don’t know what the director is paid as financial information has proven somewhat difficult to find, but I’ve not checked Guidestar yet. So where does the money come from? From (most likely) user fees which are easier to pass and raise as needed than mil levies and affect not only property owners. The fee is a bit hurtful to poor and old people. The rest of us should just pony up because we never know when one of our furry darlings will need the shelter. And maybe we should form a foundation to help poor and old people pay for licensing. As for this guy, well, it seems to me he made a conscious choice and now pays the price. The jail was for contempt of court, not the license violation. I disagree that we need to call people to court over such violations and advocate a magistrate system similar to Denver’s parking ticket one.

    • Concerned Mom of 5

      I tried to watch my grammar for a while, but then grammar turned on me, so I shot her and buried her next to her dog. In this town, you need a buy a license if you plan on keeping grammar around. Just wasn’t worth it to me.

    • CO_Native

      TK, I just reported you to for your poor grammar. Be on the look out for the Truth Team because your poor grammar is conveying the wrong message.

      Lori’s just doing her part Keeping the GOP honest so nObama can Keep His Words

    • TK

      First, I am in no way condoning the actions of the Townsends. They had their warning and chose to ignore it.

      And I agree with what you say regarding dog owners needing to take responsibility for their animals and also that volunteering or donating to the Foothills Shelter is a great cause.

      What I don’t agree with is that dog owners are forced to make those donations. Foothills cares for other animals (cats, rabbitis, mice, etc.). Why are owners of those animals not required to license their pets? If I own a bke, should I have to get it licensed to pay for bike trails that I do not use? If I own a pair of hiking boots, should I have to get them licensed to pay for hiking trails I don’t use? Specific services should be paid for those who use them and general services should be paid for by all.

      • ed johnson

        you folks keep voteing for those good old dems. and progressives and you’ll soon be doing all those above mentioned money makers.

      • Bilbo Baggins

        If specific services should be paid for those who use them, then who should pay for the costs of operating the animal shelters? Who uses them? Mostly people who won’t pay for them. People who abandon their pets and let someone else pick up the tab. If we want functional shelters then a small annual license fee for all pets would not be a burden on anyone. If a person can’t afford $10 a year for a tag, then they can’t afford to take care of a pet anyway.

    • Mitch_Cali_Sux

      Because grammar is what matters most, right? Only a loser and a Liberal use this argument.

      • Lowlander

        No, it’s just so basic you look completely idiotic without it, so…..

        And I assure you I am neither liberal nor a loser.

    • subwo

      10 million for an animal shelter! I adopted my last dog from my LCHS i n Fort Collins and they operate on a shoestring budget. I can’t imagine what a ten million dollar shelter would look like except like our police station they call the Crystal Palace which cost 33 million. So the jefco shelter should be nice! One would say they were putting on the dog.

    • Mynameiscommonsense

      Umm… Linda – the money from licenses is not “donations” – it is forced from people and it is an arbitrary fee that serves no purpose. These kinds of actions are what prompted the creation of the Declaration of Independence. Enough is enough!

  • Lori Swenson

    Kudos Ms. Brandon,

    In many areas licensing animals also helps in terms of Public Health. Agencies often require current rabies vaccination prior to licensing. Rabies prevention is becoming a large issue nation wide, and licensing requirements helps ensure that owners vaccinate their animals.

    Also, Mr. Townsend did not go to jail merely because he didn’t license his dog. He went to jail because he made the decision to ignore a court appearance.

    • James Bryant

      And I would have done the same thing

    • Mitch_Cali_Sux

      It always starts like this and ends with Gas chambers, idiot…

      We are living 1933 Germany…

      • James Angryjew


        Are you really comparing a dog license to the holocaust? If you think we are living in 1933 Germany you have NO IDEA about history, the Nazi’s, Germany, or I’m guessing the difference between blue and red!

      • foo

        wow, craaaazzzeeee

        do you even know what was taking place in Hitlers Germany? The riots, the killing, people disappearing never to be seen again..

        No it didn’t start like this. Hitler did not begin with petty warrants and 50$ fines. It started with a bang and many guns. rivals died, dissenters disappeared.

        way to exaggerate whilst insulting millions of people who died fighting a true maniac. all while you sit in your armchair eating cheezits.


        Remember, never call the administrative despotism: Fascist. Everybody knows only liberals get to call conservatives “Fascist” even thought the real Fascists were actually liberals. Again, unless you are labeling George Bush or some other Republican office holder, liberals will not allow you to point out Fascism no matter how subtle or naescent.

  • Vic Moss

    My animals cost the county nothing for me to have. We should anyone be forced to pay for a tag? Another money grab for the county. When we got our dog from Table Mountain, we gladly paid the associated fees, and had no problem with that. My dog is tagged. We use the new Foothills for vaccinations of our cat. Again, we gladly pay the fees because we are using the facility. Although my cats are inside animals, they are also tagged in case they sneak out while the door is open. If someone’s animal gets out and is picked up by animal control, they are using the services and should pay. Why should an already over taxed public be required to pay more taxes for something that should be paid for by the users of that service? The government needs to learn how to make do with what they have. The rest of us do. And yes, this may be called a fee, but it is a tax.

    • Jimbo von Winskinheimer

      Do you take your dog out to open space or to dog parks? What money pays for that? Or do you feel that all citizens, even those of us that don’t have dogs, should be required to pay for that? If the city/county decided to “make do with what they have”, they may close dog parks and prohibit dogs in public spaces. They could no longer afford upkeep on the parks, or animal control officers to protect the public from people’s pets.

      • Mynameiscommonsense

        The local property taxes that are paid are enough to cover the “cost” of a dog park – jesus how much does a friggin dog park really cost??? Fence in an area, put in some water fountains and you’re done. Oh and animal control officers are not “protecting the public from people’s pets” you idiot. Most of their job involves relocating WILD animals from cities and suburban areas. If you feel they are hurting for help why don’t YOU volunteer some of YOUR time hmm?

      • Mynameiscommonsense

        “and prohibit dogs in public spaces” WOW you are truly an Agenda 21 kool aid drinker who thinks a livable city means no cars. You people are the scourge of the earth.

    • just saying

      If your dog or cat gets arrested, you still need to pay again just to get it back. Concerned Mom of 5, I’m still laughing.

  • Ruth Pelton-Roby

    He was jailed for failing to appear at a court date, not for the lack of the dog license. This story underplays this in favor of sensationalism.

    • DBrantner

      You hit it on the head…. he failed to appear for a court hearing… Not the license issue itself…

    • Giggles the Clown

      He failed to appear for not having a dog license, dumb a**. Go read the story again.

      • just saying

        Have you ever considered that the court requires too many appearances? they stick their noses in way too many places.

      • Mike K

        Read his comment again, dumb a**. He stated that the man was arrested for FAILING TO APPEAR AT A HEARING, which is exactly what happened. The hearing was for the dog license. Doesn’t matter what it was for though, he went to jail for missing a court date, not for the lack of a dog license. You miss a court date, expect a future run-in with the authorities to land you in jail; doesn’t matter what earned you that court date in the first place.

      • Angela in Seattle

        What do you suppose would have happened if he had shown up and said, “With all due respect, Your Honor, but I refuse to pay this fee.” Do you think they’d have shrugged their shoulder and said, “Okay, have a nice day!” I don’t think so.

    • Terri Chris

      Just like when the government incarcerates a father for contempt of court on child support. Government double talk.

  • TK

    Jeffco says that the purpose of the licensing iis to be able to return lost dogs to their owners. Then why is it an annual fee? You should pay once, get your tag, and be done. My dogs already have tags and are microchipped so they can be returned if they are lost. Earlier comments are correct – this is just a tax to pay for services that not all people use.

    • Jimbo von Winskinheimer

      Your dog tax pays for things like animal control, dog parks and other animal related expenses that our local governments incur. That’s so those of us that don’t own dogs don’t have to pay your way. And even if every dog owner paid the licensing fee, it would not be enough to cover all of those costs.

      • Jenni

        More proof how much of the news is completely made up after the coup and cover up. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media following the last mock election. Learn who Sarah Palin really is and why she was planted as McCain’s running mate with no intentions of winning. We have no democracy, president, or freedom of press.

      • Jimmy

        I have to pay for your welfare, so why don’t you have to pay for my dog?

      • Jenni

        Look at all of the government trolls attacking here. Keep committing treason and cover up the fraud of the century.

      • My two cents

        I don’t have any children but the biggest part of my taxes goes for educating other people’s children. So maybe I’m paying your way if you have kids.

      • Homey D Clown

        Jenni has a cuckoo bird that comes out the forehead every hour and a duck’s quack every 15 minutes.

      • face palm

        @Jenni your sarah palin website is about as stupid as it gets

      • alan

        The government should get out of the dog park business. Let dog owners arrange for their dogs recreation.

      • Lincoln

        So by this logic, each child in the county should be subject to annual tax to pay for city parks/playgrounds.

      • Mitch_Cali_Sux

        How about adults make their own choice. If that choice leads to harm of others THEN the courts can get involved. Until stfu idiots…

      • Mynameiscommonsense

        LOL so you are saying the local governments incur millions of dollars for animal control and dog parks???? Give me a break! This kind of thing is what led up to the Declaration of Independence – how soon before they tax us for BREATHING?????? Oh yeah – they already will do that soon with Obamacare

  • Jimbo von Winskinheimer

    Licensing requirements for animals is nothing new. If you want to live in an area, you need to follow the rules, which by the way were established well before the moron got his dog. He got a ticket – that should have been his first clue. He chose to ignore it and paid the consequences. Now he’s an idiot for trying to fight it again.

  • Linda Brandon

    Please volunteer at your local animal shelter. This source of funding is needed to deal with the number of homeless animals they serve. Many of these animals are given a second chance to live because of the funding from the dog license. If you can’t volunteer, please consider donating to support these shelters. The staff needs resources from the community. Please respect the law and license your dog. Positive action beats negative reaction to a law that has been in place for years. Government does provide needed services in many areas.

  • David Burns

    we are a police state. the cops do not represent the people anymore. one day we need to take back our country. it would be easy.

    • JW

      Oh, the cops represent the people just fine. They may not represent you, but if a person is not obeying the laws, most of us want them to pay the price, i.e. being arrested if necessary. You can’t just ignore the laws you don’t like.

      By the way, “the cops” don’t make the laws.

      • Mitch_Cali_Sux

        But they CHOOSE which laws to enforce, AND raided their right hand to uphold the US Constitution and do not…

      • rae ekaf

        jw by your logic then, the cops should be arresting themselves and probably every single officeholder in a particular “jurisdiction”.

  • Steve Reed

    It’s the law people, If you own a car and drive it you have to have insurance, If you own a dog it must be licensed. There’s no argument here get a damn license or be arrested. It’s a privilege your granted and fees must be paid. The same with hunting, if you go hunting you must buy a what? a License!!!! We cant just pick and choose what we want to pay, that’s why the country’s in the mess it’s in at the moment financially. What makes you non payers more special than the rest of us? if you don’t like the law fight to change it, but don’t complain when you get busted for not following it, you know you were in the wrong.

    • jg

      thousands of people go their whole lives not having car insurance. Most are never in an accident. If you own a dog, you don’t need to get a license. An illegal law is illegitimate. If I go hunting, I don’t need a license. People have done it for centuries. The US has become one of the most insane countries in the world, thinking it must regulate everything.

      The ultimate form of tyranny is ultimately convincing people they are free.

    • Linda Brandon

      I agree with you. When Mr. Townsend and his wife go to court, they should double their court fees for wasting the county’s time. People need to grow up and realize the free ride is over. We need to get this country back on the right track now before it is too late.

      • jg

        Don’t worry you’re gonna get to pay your fair share of the 15+ trillion we owe to the PRIVATE FEDERAL RESERVE…me?…I’ll be at home with my unlicensed cats. It’s pretty sad people accept these fees without question.

      • ck

        Free ride? Who’s exactly on the free ride? I would say the government is on the free ride (along with the created welfare state) at the working person and entrepreneurs expense.

        Please. Dog licenses are a joke – just another money grab

  • John Bailey

    Get it right; he didn’t go to jail for failure to license his dog. He was jailed for failure to appear in court.

    I hate it when the government imposes these kinds of fees on responsible citizens; however, they’re not jailing people for failing to license their dogs, as is claimed in the story.

    • DBrantner

      If he had appeared the 1st time… he could have had his argument heard at that time and maybe would have won… He lost his credability by not showing up for the 1st hearing…

  • Mark

    “By CBS4′s figures, Jefferson County and other governments are missing out on a lot money for non-compliance on dog licenses.”

    “Missing out”, are you kidding? Why is it ok for the government to steal our hard earned money and squander it on some special interest groups pet project?

    If you want an animal shelter, park, or car insurance, buy it yourself, with your own money. Don’t steal mine with fees, taxes, and stupid requirements to buy products (like car insurance).

    I own a small business manufacturing industrial equipment. When will you be required to buy my products? Oh, that’s right, I don’t own any corrupt politicians. If I did, I would be posting record profits every year, like the insurance companies.

    The next time a small minority wants to steal your hard earned money for another pet project, just say no like the majority of pet owners do to these stupid licenses.

    • Con

      Heheh… pet project.

  • Lori Rester

    Totally agree with those who have exposed Jeffco & the outrageous licenses, fees and taxes they continue to raise yearly for their livelihood.

  • The soda pop kid

    Thank God there is a Heaven, where I will be free one day.

  • rex dart eskimo spy

    The tree of liberty must be nourished from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

  • The soda pop kid

    I look at govt and their love of control the way i do baseball leagues. Kids love backyard and sandlot baseball the most, with no adults, but the older you get the more adults find their ways to control it with leagues and camps and stadiums. We can govern our selves just fine, as did the pioneers, but govt wants to control the most trivial aspects of life. Religion is the same way. A man on an island by himself will come to worship his Creator, but with organized religion there is ceremony and tithes and control.

  • Mitch_Cali_Sux

    I paid for a Dog LIcense in Santa Clara Ca in 1995. My dog died the next year and obviously I did not pay for another license. A few years go by and I get a bill for just under $500 for fee’s and fines for not licensing my dog. I called tghe Dept and was told I had to prove my Dog died with a signed form from my Vet. My vet didnt see my dog die so he couldnt sign the Govt form. I just ignored the whole mess form that piont. Last year I was sent to collections for $2200. Tell me this
    Govt isnt completely out of control…

    • 001mum

      naw, not out of control>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>INSANE

    • subwo

      California is like that. I remember we got a bill from the state with fines in the 80s after we had left and moved to another state. They figured the RN was getting x amount in wages and we had to pay state taxes on her income. I had to prove to the state that we moved and were no longer subject to taxation by them.

  • TexasJack

    So this guy didn’t go to jail for not licensing his dog. He went to jail for failure to appear for court. He could have went to court on the day he was ordered and made his argument to the judge. He just decided not to go. Not having a dog license is probably not even an offense for which one could be taken to jail. I find it interesting that the reporter wants the reader to think the man went to jail for not having a license and that “others” may face jail as well. No, they risk a ticket. Anyone that decides not to comply with a summons to court faces jail for failing to appear.

    • rae_ekaf

      i seriously doubt he was issued a lawful summons to appear. I betcha a million dollars it was a very defective summons. But the powers that be get away with that all the time relying on the ignorance of the sheople they control. welcome to the lawyerocracy. They own a world of useful idiots.

    • dbrantner


  • Tom

    Oops..thanks for reminding me to renew my dog’s license! Personally, I don’t mind the small fee. There are so many dogs out there running rampant – if mine happened to get loose, at least I know there’s a good chance she would end up in safe hands.

  • AgendaBuster

    HMmmm………….. Sounds like this could also be used as a tax on bicycles too!

    After all, isn’t this just a user tax for dog ownership to pay for dog related stuff?

    Bicycles are kinda like dog owners, dogs have dog parks, bicycles have bicycle trails. This is just a user fee. Let’s hope Obama doesn’t hear about this new revenue stream he has overlooked!!!

  • Bob Hart

    Why should I have to get a license at all. It is not the city/state/county’s business if I have a dog. Why does the government feel it is there right to force me to buy anything when me owning a dog or any other pet has nothing to do with them governing me. Just another way for the government to get money out of our pocket and into theirs so they can mis-manage it.

  • rae_ekaf

    How is it possible to pay any fine when there is no lawful money in circulation in the several states of the united states of america? The lawyerocracy has hamstrung itself by making a constitution that requires the states to “make no thing but gold or silver coin as a payment in debt.” This is the supreme law of the land, so how can anyone pay a fine without aiding and abetting the states in the commission of a crime? Just wondering.

    • drphil69

      The key word in your quote is States… which cannot make anything but silver or gold coin… the FED is a completely different story… and what they have done with the fiat currency should be a crime, and we will ALL pay for it when it crashes.

  • Hunter Rose

    “Due to the recession, animals are being abandoned at the back door of shelters everywhere.”

    Wal-Mart sells a box of 22 rounds pretty cheap…

    I see a solution here…

  • Ken

    He was not put in jail for failing to license his dog; he was put in jail for missing a court apearence on a citation.

    rthe media will always try to sensationalize the story in favor of the percieved “victim”.

  • drphil69

    I love how the “reporter” frames it as the govt losing out on money…


    Personally I NEVER license my dogs. If they want to come onto my property to check my dogs license’s… they will have to do so at their own risk.

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