DENVER (AP) – Colorado lawmakers gave initial approval to a bill that would direct colleges to create a system for awarding credit to students for prior job experience and military experience.

A House committee on Wednesday unanimously approved the proposal sponsored by Republican Rep. Tom Massey. He says the goal is to allow students to graduate faster and reduce the costs of their education if they have experience that can be applied to courses.

Massey says his bill will give colleges flexibility in deciding what experience qualifies for credit.

Some higher education institutions in the state already have systems in place for awarding college credit to students for prior experience.

House Bill 1072 still has to be approved by the full chamber.

LINK: Read House Bill 1072

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  1. Feifan chang says:

    Feifan Chang
    The only way to help the students get a decent education from the public school system and not bankrupt the state any more is to eliminate the teachers union. End of story!

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