DENVER (CBS4) – A Denver mother says her daughter has repeatedly been sexually assaulted on a school bus and that she now fears for her daughter’s life.

Denver Public Schools is investigating the situation, which involves two students at Thomas Jefferson High School.

The mother, who wished not to be identified in her interview with CBS4, said her teen girl has Down Syndrome and wasn’t protected the way she should have been while she was on the bus.

“She has had multiple surgeries, multiple IV infusions, she endures a lot,” the woman said of her daughter.

The woman says a 16-year-old student who rides the school bus with her daughter inappropriately touched her and threatened to hurt her if she told anyone about it.

“He said he was going to hit her in the head with a bat and he was going to kill her. He told her he was going to shoot her in the chest with a gun and that he was going to rape her.”

The student’s mother says she reported the incident to the school immediately. District officials said they then reported the allegations to police.

“She was hysterical, she was screaming and crying and she said she felt dirty and that she hated herself,” the mother said of her daughter.

She says the investigation is still ongoing but she’s angry that more isn’t be done by district officials.

She says she’s upset that while her daughter is at home and scared to return to school, the boy is still attending classes.

“She’s not even angry, she’s just scared. I’m angry, I’m angry and I feel like as her mother I have to protect her because the school system obviously is not,” she said.

The mother said she is now in the process of transfering her daughter to another school.

Leaders with Denver Public Schools told CBS4 that because of student privacy issues they can’t comment on any specifics of the case. They said they are working with both families.

Comments (4)
  1. B. Dover says:

    School leaders say they are working with both families. Huh? What are they saying to the family of the accused – “It’s not nice to sexually assault another student?”

  2. C.Boultho says:

    Right! No wonder our children don’t report things like this. There is no protection! Shame on DPS!!!

  3. JSchmidt says:

    Why on earth wouldnt the accused student be suspended pending investigation? Seems as if DPS is creating a HUGE liability for themselves. God bless that poor little girl. Its gonna be on DPS’ hands if someone stomps him out and who would really care? I sure wouldnt. I hope boys at the school find out who he is and make an example out of him. This story made me sick to my stomach, disabled kid at home terrified and the alleged suspect of a vicous crime is still in school!

  4. jinxed13 says:

    It sounds like nothing has changed in DPS. I attended TJ in the 1970’s and while I was a student, one of my classmate’s sisters was gang raped after cheerleader practice at a DPS southeast Denver junior high school. The boys remained in school during the school’s “investigation” while the girl’s parents were told that they could transport her to another junior high if they were concerned for her safety. There were parents and teachers who said that sexual assaults and rapes were fairly common in other DPS schools, but this had been the first case in a DPS school in the southeast area. Our schools have been entirely too tolerant of bullying and it is the victims that are penalized by having to be confronted on a daily basis with seeing the very student(s) who bullied them in school while an “investigation” is going on. The student who allegedly committed this sexual assault should and could be suspended pending the outcome of the “investigation.” Who is doing the “investigation,” the school or the police. When I was a DPS student, the schools weren’t noted for contacting police when assaults took place on school property unless the offense was drug related. Sounds like that may still be the case as an alleged sexual assault should be investigated by police, not school administrators. This victim’s parents need to contact a lawyer immediately to make sure that their daughter’s interests and theirs are being protected as the school district and their legal team aren’t going to represent the victim’s interests.

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