Keystone Mountain Resort

Keystone, CO
Corporate: 390 Interlocken Crescent
Broomfield, CO 80021
(800) 842-8062

Award-winning cuisine and world-class skiing will draw crowds to Keystone this March 3 and 4 when Keystone Mountain Resort hosts its Winter Culinary Festival. Just like the fresh powder and beautiful views glistening across the town, Keystone’s culinary scene must be experienced first hand.

During this truly one-of-a-kind culinary festival, choose from any number of brunches to a grand tasting of the best culinary fare the mountain resort has to offer. Attend demos by top chefs, or learn a little at any number of beer, wine or liquor tastings and pairings.

Just like any other event that focuses on highlighting excellence in a category, the Keystone Winter Culinary Festival requires proper planning to aid attendees in getting the most out of the experience. Plan accordingly.

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Plan Ahead

Seating is limited for a lot of these events, so they often require reservations. Check the event schedule beforehand and make reservations for any and all events you know you must attend.

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Make a Transportation Plan

With events all over town, the need for transportation ranks high on the level of importance. Know how to get to each venue hosting events you’d like to attend, and find a rough estimate for travel times. Knowing a little bit about the itinerary can alleviate stress and guarantee a pleasant, relaxed culinary experience. Share a shuttle ride, hire a chauffer or rent a car to get everywhere you need to be. Click here for Keystone transportation.

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restaurant dinner Make The Most Of The Keystone Winter Culinary Festival

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Keep Your Mind Open

The beauty of a culinary festival like this is its ability to offer guest such a wide variety of new, exciting experiences. If you’re typically a wine drinker, sign up for a beer pairing and learn what subtle flavors your palate can pick up on. Take this occasion to be adventurous; sign up for tastings that have a dish you’ve never tried or typically don’t like. It’s almost a guarantee that Keystone’s chefs make brussels sprouts better than mom ever could.

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restaurantfood Make The Most Of The Keystone Winter Culinary Festival

(credit: Thinkstock)

Know About the Events You Attend

Know event times and durations and write them down if you can’t remember. Check the menu at each event to make sure it’ll be worth your while. Don’t make yourself uncomfortable by not knowing the dress code for less-than-casual events. Check schedules, take notes and be prepared. It’s also a great idea to keep handouts and menus (where possible) to take home. Those little details translate into terrific pairings (you know you’ll forget who made that beer you loved) for dinner parties down the road.

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Just Have Fun

The Keystone Winter Culinary Festival is all about celebrating the town’s award-winning cuisine, so no matter what events you choose, the most important thing is the overall experience. Skiing, snowboarding and, of course, food and drink should be priorities on a trip like this. Don’t bring your work along, find a sitter for the kids and just go play.

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Zack Christofferson is a freelance writer living in Denver. Deeply devoted to all things food and drink, Zack can be found tasting the best liquid and solid indulgences that Denver has to offer morning, afternoon and night. His work can be found here

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    Is it Keystone(as the article states) or A-Basin(the subject of the 1st picture)?

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