Rep. Lamborn To Pass On President’s Speech

DENVER (AP) – Colorado GOP congressman Doug Lamborn is skipping President Barack Obama’s state of the union speech.

Lamborn said Monday he does not support the president’s policies and believes the president will use the speech to campaign for re-election.

Lamborn has attended past speeches by Obama. He said he is doing this because he wants to send a message to the president that he believes deficit spending cannot continue.

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  • Roger

    He’s an idiot… isn’t it a requirement for him to attend since it is a joint session of congress? how disrespectful to the constitution and process of government

  • Asodeska

    What, and not listen to the Great Hypocrite?
    Well done, Lamborn. People need to stand up and show disrespect to the deal-loss that we call President.

  • Roger

    Wow, Asodeska…. whether your approve of a president or not, it is traditional and respectful to attend the State of the Union… he should not be an exception… pathetic is what comes to mind when i think of his behavior. [Lamborn] is not a team participator, he’s a team hater. “The Great Hypocrite”??? i’m not even going to comment on your destructive comment….

  • JP

    Isn’t this the same guy who called Obama a ‘tar baby’ several months ago? Lamborn is a prime example of why Congress doesn’t think they need to do their job. Some of the folks who were elected to represent CO choose to _represent themselves_ instead. I hope the good people of Colorado Springs make sure Lamborn loses in the next election and vote in someone who will represent CO in a respectful and responsible manner.

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