DENVER (CBS4) – A sign of just how healthy the craft beer business is in Denver was visible Thursday morning outside Breckenridge Brewery.

Crews on Thursday replaced one of the finishing tanks they use in their brewing process.

They swapped out a 100 barrel tank for a 200 barrel tank, and had to go through the roof to install it.

The move Thursday followed their recent effort of putting in larger fermenting tanks, something the brewery will do even more of in March. It’s all to keep up with customer demand.

“We make a great variety of beer, from the basic amber ale … to some really hoppy and interesting beers, and some barrel-aged beers as well,” said brewery spokeswoman Terry Usry.

There are 31 gallons in a barrel, meaning that a 200 barrel finishing tank holds 6,200 gallons — or slightly more than 66,000 bottles of beer.

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