DENVER (CBS4) – Denver International Airport revealed the new designs for the massive hotel and light rail station that will sit right next to the airport.

The designs had to be reconfigured a bit after the original architect left the project. The previous design for the airport at DIA had the signature look of renowned architect Santiago Calatrava with its white, trademark color and flowing designs.

The architect abruptly abandoned the project last fall when the budget for the project was cut from $650 million to $500 million saying there wasn’t enough money to fund his design.

Airport manager Kim Day says they’ve since settled with Calatrava, keeping much of the same design. Part of the settlement was to strip the hotel of the architect’s signature features, and the hotel is one floor shorter.

Day and other airport officials presented the new design to Denver City Council members in a meeting. The complex is 700,000 square feet. It will have 500 rooms and includes a pool floor with a view of Denver. It will also have a Regional Transportation District station for light rail.

The plan is to also incorporate cultural events into the project to draw people who aren’t boarding planes.

“We have a team that is really poised to deliver this in small pieces that allow us to accelerate different parts and make that deadline,” Day said. “We are very confident that we are on track to do so.”

The project will bring 1,000 jobs over the next few years. The plans are for to have it open for business at the end of 2015.

It’s being paid for entirely through the airport, which generates its own money.

Major construction will begin this summer, although crews have already started excavating the site.

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  1. Drew says:

    Nice, a Giant Whale to go with ‘ol Meth (the horse)

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