DENVER (CBS4)– Denver Broncos fans trying to get into the spirit before Saturday’s AFC Divisional Playoff Game against the New England Patriots could be missing something — a Broncos jersey.

There’s a shortage not only of Tim Tebow jerseys, but all Broncos jerseys. Sales experts estimate only a couple hundred are left in the Denver metro area.

“Still just can’t find anything anywhere,” said Broncos fan Patrick Neumayer.

The reason for the shortage? The maker of the jerseys lost their relationship with the NFL. Reebok has stopped making jerseys. Not just Broncos jerseys, but all of them.

“We’ve certainly done what we can. This is pretty much what we have,” said Broncos Team Store Manager Sue Vaughn as she pointed to what is left on the racks.

By April, Nike will become the official supplier of the NFL. There aren’t any major changes in the works for Broncos jerseys except that the home jerseys will become the orange alternative jerseys the team already owns.

“Seems like the orange are hard ones to come across,” said Broncos fan Dean Nazarenus.

Nazarenus came to Denver from New York, hoping he would have a better chance at finding Broncos jerseys his size.


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