DENVER (CBS4) – A man charged with stealing homes has been sent back to jail.

A judge revoked Alfonso Carrillo’s bond when he went to court on charges of theft and filing phony deeds.

The bond revocation comes after additional charges were filed in Denver, but it includes numerous cities.

Larry Asbery contacted CBS4 in November. He said after he got out of the hospital he found people living in his Aurora home. They wouldn’t leave, so he went to court. A settlement was reached with the person who claimed someone had sold her the house. Those inside were supposed to be out by Thursday, but the people were still in the home. Asbery, meantime, has been staying with family

“I’m over here. I should be spending this money at home. I’m helping my daughter with her bills because I’m eating food here and using electricity,” Asbery said.

He wants to move back into his own home, so his attorney Friday requested a court-ordered eviction.

“There will be a couple of business days after it gets to the sheriff. There will be a quick courtesy notice. We are hoping by the end of next week, by Jan 13, Mr. Asbery will be able to get back into his home,” Ken Barrows with Colorado Legal Services said.

Asbery is not alone. CBS4 discovered around a dozen other homes undergoing foreclosure that have been similarly taken over in Colorado towns. The common denominator appears to be Carrillo, who is accused in Denver of changing locks on empty homes then selling or leasing them to others.

“I’d like to say goodbye as he gets locked up in jail,” Asbery said.

Carrillo wouldn’t speak to CBS4, but he has filed a federal lawsuit against several law enforcement agencies. In it he charges discrimination against Hispanics who have moved into the homes.

Comments (4)
  1. denvervet says:

    They are STILL in the home? Why the heck dont they leave on their own? I think this home owner has suffered enough. Why is this taking so long? I hope they haven’t trashed it.

  2. Nead Digger says:

    I would have called the KKK for assistance.

  3. Captian Obvious says:

    People are going to have to wake up and start blasting these invaders into the next life.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this brown turd wins his lawsuit, on top of it, and is granted ownership of the houses he was using to defraud the owners.

    The immune system of humans discriminates as to what is native to the human body and not, and dispatches with extreme prejudice what is determined to be part of an invading force. Organisms that discriminate survive.

    1. Frankster says:

      Captain, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Major Obvious. Well, said.

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