DENVER (AP) – Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper says whether to seek the 2022 Winter Games is not a “black and white” issue and not something Denver should automatically pursue.

The Democrat said Tuesday during a luncheon in downtown Denver that the city should explore the “pros and cons” of hosting the games before launching a bid. Hickenlooper and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock announced in December that a committee would explore whether to pursue a bid and report back in the coming months. At the time, they said the idea should be taken seriously.

The 2022 host will be chosen in 2015. But potential bid cities would have to be committed to a plan by 2013.

Denver was awarded the 1976 Winter Games but voters rejected the idea over concerns of pollution and sprawl.

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  1. Bill Leake says:

    Gov. Hickenlooper’s remarks to the City Club of Denver were both insightful and, at times, humorous. It would have been nice if CBS4 would have acknowledged the City Club of Denver inasmuch as it is the Club’s 90th. year in existence and the Governor has spoken to the Club on numerous occasions over the past 12 years. Two well respected people/organizations.
    Bill Leake
    2011-2012 Program Chair
    City Club of Denver

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