DENVER (CBS4)– UPS drivers are battling snowy roads and slow commuters on the company’s busiest delivery day of the year.

“Obviously you’re not going to get everything delivered because of the weather,” said UPS Operations Manager for Denver Cliff Dalley. “Snow on the side streets is making it very hard going and it’s taking a long time to get out there.”

UPS drivers are expected to deliver more than 120 million packages worldwide Dec. 19 through Dec. 25. Today they’re expected to deliver almost 26 million packages around the globe, that’s almost 300 every second.

Drivers are working through the winter storm that is bringing more than a foot of snow to some areas along the Front Range. UPS hopes the snow won’t delay their delivery goal by much.

“We do our very best but when the weather hits us like this, it gets out of our control. There are streets that we can’t drive up,” said Dalley.

UPS Airlines has added more than 400 additional flights per day this week. Today the airline will process 3 million express shipments in a 24-hour period.

Procrastinators can ship as late as Friday, Dec. 23 using UPS Next Day Air with Saturday delivery and have gifts arrive on Christmas Eve.

“I have some of the toughest, most professional people in the country delivering packages out there. They’re very conscientious that they’re delivering Christmas presents,” said Dalley.

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  1. Joe says:

    UPS did not live up to their “Guarantee” of 2 day delivery. Funny that yesterday when it was snowing they had no issues getting through to my house and delivering packages. When I called them they said that it’s an “act of god”. I feel extremely cheated by them using this excuse to not stand up and say “We just didn’t get it done.” My only recourse is to drive to the Commerce City location and pick up my packages that they should have delivered. The biggest joke is they have fleeced me out of $30+ dollars for delivery and I have to go pick it up. UPS has lost my business and I will use the only carrier that says, “Not wind, rain nor snow will stop us”, good ole USPS.

    I feel that UPS has intentionally done this as they knew they couldn’t deliver hence why they wouldn’t guarantee 3 day would be there in 3 days. Now they got everyone to pay higher shipping charges and are using “act of god” as their excuse, and not offering to either deliver on Saturday or refund the shipping. Guess I’ll see all of you tomorrow in Commerce City standing in line to get our packages.

    1. Julia Lampe says:

      Did you get your package yet? I sent one from St. Louis on Monday and as of Thursday tracking said it was in Commerce CIty/Out for delivery. Can you give me any info you have been able to get? Like how far behind they are, etc.


    2. whipped says:

      So can the earth quake in Japan be an excuss for your package not getting there Joe. How about Katrina. Idiot

  2. Teresa Wright says:

    I had several packages that were on the truck and out for delivery both Thursday and Friday but were not delivered due to the “emergency”. Now I am told that they won’t be delivered today either and no one at UPS can tell me if my packages are available for me to pick up either. So instead of wrapping the presents that were out for delivery the past two days, I need to run out and do all my shopping in the next three hours. Next year I will make certain to have everything delivered by USPS.

    1. Julia Lampe says:

      Have you been able to get any updates on delivery? I sent a box from St. Louis, tracking on Thursday said it was in Commerce City Out for delivery?

      Have you gotten any info on how behind they are? If so, could you please let me know.


  3. Eli says:

    I waited in line for 4 hours at the UPS location in Commerce City today, only to be told that they couldn’t get my 4 packages for me today. These were all shipped either overnight or 2nd day air to be delivered on Thursday and Friday. Unbelievable. Conscientious about Christmas presents my a**. I called in to customer service and the manager’s question was “what can I say to make you feel better sir?”

    Seriously? Get me my packages that I paid extra to have delivered BEFORE Christmas!!

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