DENVER (CBS4)– Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow has been endorsing Jockey underwear. Now the company wants to help thousands take advantage of Tebow mania.

Jockey has promised to give away $1 million worth of of its products if Tebow helps lead the Broncos to a Super Bowl win.

The giveaway will be extended to 40,000 people. Jockey insists you don’t have to buy anything, just register at the Jockey website,

Right now odds makers in Las Vegas put the Broncos’ odds of winning the Super Bowl at 18-to-1.

Comments (30)
  1. John Spreitzer says:

    Jockey should donate the underwear to the Underawareness foundation!

    1. Koree Khongphand-Buckman says:

      We asked Jockey to donate underwear to UNDERWEARNESS, Inc. in 2011 and they were not able to. However, may 2012 is the year and UNDERWEARNESS was founded in Denver, so it is a good connection!

  2. N. Continence says:

    Sports fans will NEED new underwear if the Broncos simply pull off a SuperBowl appearance, let alone a victory.

    1. Steven Goodwin says:

      Best comment on the board….!!!!!!

  3. JD Thomas says:

    Thanks Jockey…you are a class act !! Go Tebow Go !!!

  4. Joe Blow says:

    pne more reason to say ‘Go Broncos!’

  5. Alex says:

    He just may do it – has to get by Pats first – intresting analogy:

  6. Bruce Malinowski says:

    Excellent marketing / public relations for all parties in this campaign……

    You’d have to be a to-the-bone Grinch or someone who really dislikes Tebow and or the Denver Bronco’s and or Jockey and or underwear in general not to at least get a smile out of this.

  7. Frank Burkett says:

    I’ll need it, if they beat the Packers

  8. JC says:

    Please. Enough with the Jesus Freak.

      1. JC says:

        Not intolerant at all. Just sick of the cloying religiosity. Save it for the church..

      2. mm says:

        You’re right, not intolerant, just a bigot.

      3. shimauma says:

        then you prolly shouldn’t be reading this stuff if it’s making you sick, although I’m certain you’re chained to your pc and being forced to click on this link by some church chat granny with a wooden ruler calling you a heathen punk…just a guess mind you…

    1. BobsYourUncle says:

      Perhaps hurdnis more to your liking?

  9. Steelermomma says:

    Jesus Freak? Really? It just sticks in some peoples craw that there are really some good guys left. If Tim Tebow never wins a Super Bowl, if he never gets any better as a quarterback, he is still a great kid who seems to have his priorities straight and adheres to his own principles. Being Christmas, lets just call him the George Bailey of football 🙂

    From a Steeler fan who is happy to see that good guys dont always finish last.

    1. JC says:

      And he’s a “great kid” because he kneels and prays in front of the cameras? Other NFL players aren’t “great kids”, too? Or do you have to “Tebow” to be a “great kid”?

      1. Stan says:

        Great kids build missions in other countries rather than selling drugs. Great kids take disabled children to Disney World rather than shooting themselves in night clubs.

        If you are just flaming, shame on you. If you can’t tell a thug from a great kid, work on it.

      2. George Johnson says:

        Learn to read, then learn about COMPREHENSION.

        Where did he say other kids are NOT great also? He said one person IS a great kid. How does that exclude everybody else in your little word?
        Nowhere did he say he is great because he kneels down. How does saying he is a great kid, mean he only is great because he kneels down?

        Man, I bet you’re just so much fun to be around, being an idiot and all. And I bet you’re just the life of the party, making other people miserable, because you’re miserable too. You really should see about getting a life somewhere, somehow.

    2. shimauma says:

      Well said Steelermomma, from a Panthersmomma, I pray the God blesses Tim for his bravery and commitment, same as he did Coach Dungy.

    3. Patti says:

      Ditto from Steeler Fan!

  10. vox says:

    I have little use for religion, but if Tebow’s example makes people around him play better and behave better, I hope Tebowing becomes a national pastime.

  11. JC says:

    Gee, Stan–who brought up drugs or thugs? Sounds like you’ve got a stereotyping thing goin’ on there, son…

    1. BJ says:

      Maybe he was thinking about Sam Hurd who made the news recently for his non-football activities….

  12. Gabriel says:

    Shut-up JC, your making a Fool outta yourself.

  13. MissButterfly says:

    If the Broncos go to the Super Bowl with their religious quarterback Tebow, the only team that could beat them would be the Saints. :0/

  14. George Johnson says:

    I also have no real use for religion. But I am loving this!! Why? Because it’s bring out all the intolerant (supposedly tolerant) left wing nuts cases out there. They’re just proving to the world they can’t stand happy people, and are so intolerant. They’re proving ti everybody just how much they really want to control what other people do, say, and even thing.

    Please keep it up!! Both Tebow and you left wing nut cases!! You all, make my arguments against you, oh so much easier!!

  15. Norwoodmissed says:

    Dollard to Donuts Tim Tebow would pray for forgiveness for your warped mind and soul.

  16. Scott in Reno says:

    When I read the headline I thought, why would a guy that rides a horse give away underwear if the broncos win the super bowl?

  17. Steven Moshlak says:

    KCNC-TV: Check your hyperlinks. Your “Rick-Rolling” people. ( source: )

    Who cares about the You Tubed Red Hot Chili Peppers?

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