CBS4 is starting a new tradition this season called “The 12 Days of Christmas.” For the 12 days leading up to Christmas, CBS4 will introduce viewers to some remarkably giving people. They are with foundations or organizations, and CBS4 wants to spotlight their passion for helping other people and hopefully share with viewers what this season is all about — giving.

DENVER (CBS4) – Shortly after moving to Colorado CBS4’s Karen Leigh met Tammy Krause, a woman who is just like a next door neighbor — a mom, a sister, and daughter. Through her loss, something bigger was born.

Bright eyed and mischievous, Gabby Krause was out to rule the world.

“She was a typical 5-year-old kid with an incredible spirit,” Tammy said.

At that time, Gabby was too young to know that spirit of hers was far reaching. A spirit meant to live long after the short years she’d been given.

“She was diagnosed the day before her 5th birthday. She came into the hospital rosy-cheeked and bopping around,” Tammy said.

But the baseball sized malignant tumor in her head was about to take that energy from her. After two rounds of chemotherapy and several surgeries Gabby was in the fight for her life. Tammy said she caught a break for about 9 months.

“She started kindergarten … she went to school and was learning how to read,” he mom said.

Then cancer returned and claimed Gabby at the age of 6. But her story does not end there. Gabby’s mother was determined to do something.

Jenny Madden, Gabby’s nurse practitioner, reflected on what happened next.

“I remember the meetings where people said, ‘No, you can’t do that. That’s just not possible. You can never make that happen’ … and she did,” Madden said.

The Gabby Krause Foundation was alive and “Bags of Fun” was born.

“It’s around $350 to fill the bag, and every bag has an electronic item in it,” Tammy said. “I get a list every week from the hospital with the kids’ ages and gender — they are specific — specific to that child.”

So weekly, for 7 years and counting, Tammy has been delivering Bags of Fun to every child that enters The Children’s Hospital for cancer treatment.

“It’s because of Gabby we started Bags of Fun, but it’s not about her,” Tammy said. “They are for every kid that has their own fight.

“It makes a difference not only to that child — to the siblings — to parents — to know that somebody gets it. Somebody gets it’s no fun to sit in a hospital. It’s not fun at Christmas; it’s no fun in July. It’s not what a kiddo should do.”

Gabby certainly got it.

Those who would like to donate to Bags of Fun” or the Gabby Krause Foundation, visit:


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